Is World war 3 upon us?

Posted by: reece

Comments would be great.

  • Yes, Many world powers are harboring dictator like politicians that are corrupted by power/religious ideologies and big money, such as military contractors. Civilians (of super powers) on the other hand are getting dumbed-down by mass propaganda which can enable the use of devastating weapons, etc.

  • No, it's all in your head.

48% 12 votes
52% 13 votes
  • The signs are already there. Another war at global scale is impending. Military technology is advancing, nations like Russia are imposing their power over Europe, recreating the Soviet dominance documented in the 1920s. Israel beckons the United States to do their dirty work against the rest of the middle-eastern countries. The European Union has failed for many countries, including Greece. Economic strife will certainly lead to a war. Those are just few of the reasons why we should brace ourselves.

  • Yes, WW3 is upon us in many ways: Political, Economic, Military, Territorial, Resources, etc. The way ISIS is taking over the Middle East, Syria gassing its own people, Iran moving for nuclear weapons, Russia supporting Iran by selling them ICBMs for launching nuclear warheads all the way to the U.S., North Korea testing ICBMs, Russia taking over Crimea, Russia backing Assad and Syria, the Western World bowing down to Iran, mass migrations by Refugees to Europe and the Americas, Russia and China moving military assets including warships to the Arctic Circle and attempting to setup bases to claim oil fields, China building artificial islands all over the Pacific Ocean for military use; China artificially inflating its currency and economy, buying up as much debt as they possibly can, then devaluing their currency effectively tanking the global stock exchanges and western economies, etc. I can keep going on and on on this topic but that is a great list for you to think about. Anyone who say WW3 is not upon us is either blind, happily ignorant, displaying the worst case of confirmation bias possible, are way to politically polarized and are happy just simply accepting Democrats and Obama telling us how amazingly friendly the world is right now, or is just plain out stupid; your choice.

  • If you take an honest look at Islam, you'll notice it's a genocidal religion, and ISIS (an Islamic terrorist group) is actively working to cause the apocalypse, so WW III is really inevitable.

  • I would say that World War 3 is definitely upon on us. We don't know when exactly its going to happen but it will happen. There is so much conflict, so much hatred, and so much terribleness going on in the world right now. Before you know it the United States could be wiped out... I blame Obama.

  • North Korea is a big threat to entire world.

  • If it were upon us, it would be in the process of happening, or at least nearly guaranteed. So while WW3 could be in the near future, it's not yet upon us.

  • Not yet, but maybe 2050. Right now we are near cold war 2.0.

  • No, there is nothing that could be a potential catalyst to start a third world war.

  • ^ Exactly

  • All though things are starting to heat up on the world stage, I don't think its gotten to the point that we have to worry about WW 3 yet.

  • There is no problem out there with potential to start another world war.

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reece says2015-09-10T13:05:24.2663439Z
By "upon" i meant looming over; waiting for the first domino to fall.
reece says2015-09-10T13:06:39.0844235Z
The domino may have already fallen.
reece says2015-09-10T13:16:36.3778399Z
Well, it has already fallen. The universe is deterministic after all. In every sense of the word it still makes sense.

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