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UtherPenguin says2016-05-30T23:03:38.4934704Z
For a second I thought genesis was back.
100debater says2016-05-31T20:11:35.8149379Z
I think they should be destroyed because they have destroyed us. They are right now, killing lots and lots of people in the United states. Not only did they did the 9/11, but they have also bombed Boston. They kill people with a knife in their hands, and especially cut people`s heads off.! Our troops need to be ready...
DiEgO123100 says2016-05-31T22:02:28.3816732Z
Love the stats. Why don't we kill all french people because of what happened during the french revolution?
Elias_is_the_llama says2016-05-31T22:41:54.0630770Z
I'd like to clarify my decision, I don't say yes because I'm some genocidal maniac. No, I say yes because there are people who are literally willing to die because of this brainwashing. It's disgusting how people can disregard their lives in return for a God that we can't prove exists. I'm definitely not for destroying Islam, or any religion in the sense that I'd do so if I were in a position of power, but I certainly think the world would have more people standing here today if it were eradicated.
bamiller43 says2016-06-21T05:03:18.6316485Z
No religion should ever be destroyed. That would be an obliteration of human rights. Should Christianity be destroyed because of the crusades? No. I don't even consider ISIS or any other terrorist organization to be related to islam. Islam basically is simply following the footsteps of the prophet Muhammad. And i can guarantee you that Muhammad never killed someone over them not converting to Islam.

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