• Jacob Sartorius

  • Carson Lueders

56% 10 votes
44% 8 votes
  • babyyyyy omg like fuckkk meeeeee i want your spaghetti dick in meeeeeeeeeee omggggg and your tiny pee peeeeeeeeeeee omg theres this kid in my class that looks like you and i tried to suck his dick but he called the police for harassment but ya know id do anything for him thats why my cult is called the saggy tits and we like do blood rituals to try and summon him but sometimes it doesnt work anyways baeeeeee for like FUCK ME UPP BITCH - thank you

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lightseeker says2016-12-01T18:07:00.5027200Z
Black-Jesus says2016-12-01T19:40:35.0255103Z
Why is this in the "music" section?
benhos says2017-08-16T05:11:18.8115311Z
Purge them both.

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