• LoGang

  • Jake Paulers

76% 16 votes
24% 5 votes
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LogicalPen says2017-10-11T22:28:24.1453865Z
How about neither?
kronixx says2017-10-12T12:51:33.2386882Z
Please get off this website, small 10 year old
Fernyx says2017-10-12T15:19:55.3806854Z
I wish them both be arrested.
lolsquid says2017-12-21T18:49:35.3038989Z
Learn to grammar fernyx
miketheratguy says2018-01-27T06:37:55.1014265Z
To hell with both of them. Now that I think of it to hell with all useless, obnoxious parasitic attention whores.

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