• Jedi

  • Sith

45% 15 votes
55% 18 votes
  • I will make you rue this Uther... -.- :D

  • I'm choosing this side because most Sith don't lead very happy lives and usually give in to their hate and anger instead of using it which is self destructive.

  • Personally I'd be a Grey-Jedi trying to find balance in between the light and dark sides of the force. But honestly I'd pick the Jedi cause while the Sith have amazing power not only does it come at a great cost on a personal level it also been proven that if no more than two sith existed at one time they wouldn't be able to work like the Jedi Temple due to their destructive nature. This is why Darth Bane established the rule of two a master and and an apprentice. And finally the reason I'd choose the Jedi over the Sith is because I can relate to the Jedi better and feel they their goals suit who I am.

  • What is truly important? Who you are or the power you can gain? Yeah sure the darkside can make you powerful however the price is who you are and your happiness. No matter what the reason you choose the dark side for, You get lost in this thirst for power. Many seem to forget there are MANY powerful jedi, People such as Satele Shan, Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi and Today. Choose yourself and gain power with time and wisdom don't be a fool losing yourself for power.

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Forthelulz says2015-09-28T04:05:51.8271496Z
Imperial Knights
gabep says2015-09-28T05:04:39.4637194Z
I prefer Null-class ARC troopers and Mandalorians. Sadly not much of that is Canon anymore.
BaxterDebate says2015-09-29T11:16:31.6873469Z
I was promised cookies if I joined the Sith, where can I pick up my reward?
Habdeb54 says2017-03-07T11:40:01.3257276Z
Get lost and don't be in dark side,if you are not in my team

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