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slashfiretheturtle2005 says2018-02-07T17:27:13.7195738Z
Hewwo dawknes wy owd fwend
slashfiretheturtle2005 says2018-02-07T17:30:42.6659738Z
Hu is dare. Translation:Hwo is there
slashfiretheturtle2005 says2018-02-07T17:39:49.0951524Z
My name is owen updike and i like turtles. And mine turtles. And minecwaft.
slashfiretheturtle2005 says2018-02-07T17:48:46.5071738Z
Hu jafeeetheturtle1995
slashfiretheturtle2005 says2018-02-07T19:05:02.8763738Z
Hi kid named xela
kitty_cat_LOL says2018-02-07T19:09:07.8587738Z
slashfiretheturtle2005 says2018-02-07T19:13:28.4879738Z
slashfiretheturtle2005 says2018-02-07T19:13:50.4527738Z
slashfiretheturtle2005 says2018-02-07T19:14:44.7407738Z
Im leaving. See ya
kitty_cat_LOL says2018-02-07T21:04:48.8851452Z
Um ok

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