Light Saber vs Sonic Screw Driver

Posted by: Stalin_Mario

Which weapon/fictional item do you find to be cooler?

  • Light Saber

  • Sonic Screw Driver

67% 16 votes
33% 8 votes
  • It is just so much cooler! :D

  • lightsaber is known to cut through every known substance except a creature that was only brought up in the series/comics as weher the sonic screwdriver has to make calculation on certain doors if you dont believe me watch the part in the day of the doctor when all three of the doctors are locked in the dungeon and have to escape. the sonic screwdriver can't open everything

  • it looks so cool. vote for on my debates please

  • The sonic screwdriver deactivates the light saber from a distance of 300 yards! Now who has the only weapon that works unless one throws the dud saber at the other contestant.

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greatbigworld says2014-04-02T13:57:39.5482991-05:00
Vote for me on my debate kid has no grammar
00r3d says2014-04-03T18:52:45.0007426-05:00
@greatbigworld ... And so do you. You have two very distinct parts to your sentence and you just strung it as one (with no ending).
jrrjacques says2014-04-07T13:55:51.0921135-05:00
Sonic screwdriver deactivates lightsaber then using a directed supersonic blast the lightsaber opponent's brains explode.

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