• London

  • New York

41% 11 votes
59% 16 votes
  • In London theres a high chance of you getting stabbed. However, in New York theres a high chance of you getting shot. I would take my chances with the shank squads then the gun gangs.

    Posted by: sssb
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11edwarj says2018-03-13T11:23:21.5173818Z
Tbh neither (grimsby is better)
cabhit says2018-08-08T06:34:18.9184645Z
London. One of the world's great cities - historic, Cosmopolitan and ever-changing. It's one of the most exciting places on the planet to live, And a feature of every discerning traveller's bucket list. From the inner city medieval castle that is the Tower of London, To the cutting edge cultural and tech district of Shoreditch, There's a corner of London for everyone

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