McDonalds or Burger King

Posted by: 21lukemager

Which fast food restaurant do you like better

  • Burger King

  • McDonalds

25% 4 votes
75% 12 votes
  • Burger King burgers, nuggets, and shakes are made 20 times better than McDonalds. McDonalds may have better fries, but overall Burger King has better quality food. McDonalds has terrible food quality and the burgers taste nasty.

  • ME ORDERING AT BURGER KING (true story): Hi, my family will get five of your one dollar meals, three with only ketchup, two with only onions and BBQ sauce, no wait, switch that around to TWO with ketchup and pickles and three with lettuce and tomatoes, and then get the two for one whopper meal twice, no, once... No, twice, yeah thats right... Then we will get 7 sodas, two are Orange, three sprite, one lemonade, and one doctor pepper. Wait, no, four orange, no sprite, two lemonades, and one doctor pepper. Alright! Thank you! Oh, and 7 small fries! Thanks! *GETS ORDER PERFECTLY* Me ordering at McDONALDS (true story) Hi, can I get a bacon cheeseburger, only ketchup? And a large fries? Thanks! *Gets order, it is a hamburger, no cheese or bacon, with lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, and a small fry only half way filled* At the ordering standpoint, I think I'm with Burger King for this one.

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duckman4342423 says2017-04-03T14:19:48.8888088Z
I like the quarter-pound and the fries which makes it lit.
michael3434 says2017-04-03T14:31:41.7221536Z
Mcdonalds has better food for cheap also has very fast drive through.

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