MEN ONLY: If you were sexually harassed in public, did anyone come out of their way to help you or did people just ignore you?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

This poll is ONLY for men who were sexually harassed.

  • I was sexually harassed in public but no one bothered to help me! :(

  • I was sexually harassed in public and people did come up and help me! :)

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0% No votes
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Carolean_Karl says2016-06-02T06:59:24.1603440Z
I'm not sure into which category this story falls: A few years ago I was walking around the office when some woman pinched my butt as we passed each other. No one seemed to notice or if they did, they didn't care. I don't just let somebody violate my personal space like that, so I followed her and made a stink about it. She started walking faster to get away from me but some manager stopped her and sorted it out - she got sent to HR - her face was very red. Nowadays she tends to avoid me and I haven't been sexually harassed since.
Foodiesoul says2016-06-02T17:28:21.0646990Z
Carolean_Karl I guess that could fall under neither because at first, no one helped you but then, the HR helped you. I'm glad that you defended yourself and that she got sent to HR for sexually harassing you.

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