Military Grade Weapons

Posted by: CyanicLupus

Should civilians have access to military grade weapons? Why or why not?

  • Yes

  • No

68% 36 votes
32% 17 votes
  • The U.S. has a 2nd amendment to protect us from the government, we have such a powerful military we need more than 22s to defend ourselves.

  • Yes, American citizens should have the right to military grade weapons. In the past 20 years there has been an influx of guns in America but the total crime rate has significantly dropped

  • Yes, but their should be limits. You don't need a tank, or artillery, or anything that rely goes boom, some restraint is necessary.

  • Those who want "military grade weapons" will be able to acquire them no matter what the law says. And what about illegal drugs? They are still very easy to acquire. Banning everything that is, or may be dangerous, is a pretty good way to make everybody less free. And as it makes us less free, it might make us a little bit safer, or it might do the exact opposite.

    Posted by: Hassel
  • Yes. Why shouldn't I, a law abiding citizen, not be allowed to posses firearms the military does? Military grade is only a way to standardize the manufacturing process for all of the parts necessary to assemble a weapon. It does NOT mean fully automatic weapons by the way. Those are already illegal for all but the few people that fill out mountains of paperwork and pay the ridiculous fees associated with owning them.

  • This is a loaded question. No you can't own military grade as you aren't legally allowed to own automatics, grenade launchers, even the actual firearms. We have lighter, usually smaller caliber rounds. Armor piercing rounds are illegal. So the current firearms are perfectly acceptable. Make sure you are well informed on what you are voting for. As I'm sure many don't even know what's in the proposed assault rifles ban.

    Posted by: John85
  • Of course. I am entitled to the product of my own labor and have the right to do with it as I please so long as I am not violating the rights of others. Thus I have the natural right to produce and buy whatever guns I want and anyone who says otherwise is an authoritarian.

  • To prevent tyranny

  • Gun control rendered the Jew's defenseless against their trustworthy and benevolent government. Don't let your government disarm you. You must resist at any cost or you've already lost. Tyranny often comes in the facade of protection and safety. Mass shootings are always used by the media to cloud judgment with emotion and scare people into supporting gun control which is, in my opinion, more dangerous in the long run to American lives and liberty than the massacres themselves. We mustn't give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety or we may suffer the same fate as the Jews, or (spoiler alert) the scavengers in the walking dead for that matter. I am only speaking in regard to law abiding citizens. Criminals always have access to guns no matter how many times you tell them no, and regardless of how many restrictions and laws you impose on the public.

  • Anyone who has actually been in the military can tell you that the idea that "military grade weapons" are superior to civilian weaponry is a joke. The reality is military weapons are often times inferior to their civilian counterparts in terms of performance. The only reason the military even has them is because the US government usually just goes with the lowest bidder. Take for example the M16A4, the standard service rifle of the US military. It's not even up for debate how inferior of a weapon this is compared to the other guns out there in the market. The only thing that makes the US military formidable compared in actual warfare is because of our air superiority and the fact that we simply have more firepower than the enemy force. But on a gun vs gun "military grade" usually just means more durable.


  • The whole point is to fight a tyrannical government inside or out

  • Citizens don't need to protect themselves from the government. They should question it but not shoot it up. Military weapons are meant for the military, not some pimply faced kid or retired veteran who has PTSD. A gun that can kill hundreds of people in a matter of minutes is complete over kill to the argument of self defence....

  • No dumbass, why ther hell would you need an AK-47 to defend your home? There is no way you are going to fight the damn government with an AK-47!

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CyanicLupus says2018-02-16T16:46:15.6331535Z
Have your CLEAN debates here.
rhian3324 says2018-02-17T22:22:20.0546577Z
Yes, Novenate, the second amendment said, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." says we can bear arms but the average person being able to buy military grade weapons gives them the power of a soldier, which could be a soldier having a bad day and be angry enough to try to go shoot some people with power not far enough from a Swat officer's for many of us to be comfortable with.
reece says2018-02-18T13:35:41.6051239Z
Hmm I wonder what southern states used Militias for? Probably something to do with their property rights. Well, you know how those blacks are, always wanting freedom.
Devils_Advocate_3 says2018-02-24T18:21:04.1218509Z
I also like how they used an image of Syrian rebels with the smoke from an IED rising in the background to represent this topic.
ladiesman says2018-03-14T02:35:28.6774325Z
The sole purpose of a military-grade weapon is to kill as many people as possible. The only time that would be legitimate is during an actual war.
mattj11111 says2018-04-07T01:22:55.6912042Z
YourLocalAtheist and OpenMindedAndUninformed, first of all that name is ironic because based off your comment, you are very closed-minded. Anyway, I don’t want to attack anyone so here are the facts: Citizens do need to protect themselves from the government, and they have every right to. Also, regarding the “military grade” weapons, a large number of military firearms are every-day semi-auto handguns. Should we ban those? The original purpose for the 2nd Ammendment was to give citizens the right defend themselves against a tyrannical government. Also, AK-47’s are not the only big scary guns, but that is irrelevant. Next, you may not be able to fight a tyrannical government single-handedly with these firearms, but it’s a good place to start when citizens are armed and informed. Arming citizens is completely necessary as the American government and military are the strongest in the world, in which we may have to defend ourselves against. And for those who don’t believe that the American government could possibly turn tyrannical, listen. Many innocent civilians living under nazi Germany didn’t fear government tyranny, which is why they are now tragically ashes in the ground. This was also true in the Soviet Union where just like other tyrannical governments, the government confiscated the citizens’ firearms. Finally, educate yourselves some more. I’m no expert and have a lot more to learn myself but I will end this comment (or basically my essay) with this quote by Benjamin Franklin: “Those who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
reece says2018-04-07T09:15:39.2904361Z
@mattj11111 So you support the NRA buying politicians?
mattj11111 says2018-04-08T05:10:48.0132498Z
First of all, I never said that. Although I do agree with the NRA supporting certain politicians, I don’t like making assumtions about what has not been said. More importantly though, the NRA doesn’t “buy politicians”. They want to prevent the election of someone who they feel will infringe upon their rights, and I agree with that. Just to be clear, I understand what the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is. It doesn’t mention giving guns to anyone and everyone, including the mentally ill; they should not own weapons. It is about protecting the right to bear arms, in order to protect civilians from a tyrannical government. So again, the NRA supports what I said in my last few sentences. Therefore they will support and donate to politicians who will allow them to defend themselves. By the way, do you know that no NRA life member has ever committed a mass shooting? Not one?
reece says2018-04-08T05:47:08.5850115Z
@mattj11111 I'm talking about the heads of the NRA. Do you know who exactly they lobby for? I'll give you a clue, it isn't the american people.
mattj11111 says2018-04-08T22:37:55.6972957Z
Really? Then who do they lobby for? And do you think Dana Loesch has blood on her hands? You have to be educated on the NRA to have a debate about it. This isn’t meant as an insult, because I, for example am ignorant about Global Warming. You can’t just say that the NRA doesn’t care about American citizens with no evidence.
Occidendum says2018-06-08T05:49:56.5425992Z
@yourlocalatheist Ever heard of the battle of athens? @openminded Vietnam and Afghanistan say otherwise

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