• MINECRAFT- mojang's finest

  • Terraria- 2D ultimate mmorpg game

63% 22 votes
37% 13 votes
  • Battle Mechanic is better

    Posted by: Ukoku
  • Terraria multiplayer sucks? Please. You can't even play with your friends without spending hours setting up a server (Trust me, I've tried and it doesn't work). I'd like to see anyone try Terraria. Actually TRY it. I've played Minecraft for a long time, and don't think it's a bad game, but Terraria is far superior. You'll agree when you play it.

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DaNonDebater says2016-06-04T03:18:24.8435888Z
Nice PoLL!
SpiritsAstray says2016-06-17T18:10:10.0578921Z
As someone who has spent literally over 700 hours on both, I think Terraria is a much better game. Minecraft has slightly better multiplayer, though it's harder to set up than that of Terraria. Terraria however has more bosses that are better designed. Terraria has better enemy dynamics. Terraria has much better weapons and a better combat system. Where as Minecraft has only a sword and a bow to use really, Terraria has a multitude of different weapons you can choose, and you can figure out what fits your play style. I think the music in Minecraft is slightly better, but both games seem to be lacking in this department. Terraria is better at encouraging exploration, and the cave systems created within terraria are much much more expansive. The fights are more engaging, and the combat becomes stale much slower. Above all though, Terraria just tends to get players much more mentally involved in their gameplay experience, though obviously, by the hundreds of hours I've spent on both in the past, they are both quite great.
haedon says2017-11-10T17:26:58.9442504Z
I just want to say, all the people on Minecraft's side have short to the point posts. No description as to why they chose that. This shows that they either havn't played terraria or havn't spent serious time in both games. The person that said terraria has many more features, you're just wrong. Terraria not only has an easy server set up and join system but can be played through steam as well. Not only that but when minecraft updates, it is most often short and very flat content. When terraria does an update it is one of three things. A very large update with lots of content, A bug fix update that no one expected anything out of, or an event update for a holiday or anniversary. This keeps the game concise and well organized. Also terraria has many more options than minecraft. If we are going to count non-metal ores minecraft has 6 ores total. Terraria has over 100. Along with this terraria has many more mobs and boss options along with constant in game events hat happen through RNG or chance. This leaves Terraria as the better game because it is much more well thought out. And whoever said Minecraft is better because of creativity. Wrong again. Minecraft has blocks and that's all. Terraria has blocks, wallpaper, paint, props, paintings, pets, and many more things to go along. They also put a lot more color and contrast into each of the possible biomes and there are 38 total biomes. Minecraft has less than 15. Against this leaves terraria as the better game

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