Mongols vs Romans

Posted by: Youngastronomer

So if the Mongols and the Romans were to plunge into battle and fight it out, who would win?

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Roman Empire

10 votes

Mongol Empire

5 votes
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reece says2017-04-02T23:15:24.1480734Z
No one. Part of the reason they both fell is because they overreached. I think the Roman's would successfully stick to playing defence. Correct me if you think I'm wrong.
reece says2017-04-02T23:19:01.6836165Z
bdsbds95632 says2017-04-03T13:19:57.2609536Z
I agree with reece
Masterful says2017-04-03T14:04:20.5709536Z
The Mongols would undoubtedly win. At times Genghis Khan fielded 110,000+ soldiers
AnonymousAthiest says2017-04-04T13:36:59.1723456Z
While it is true that both the Romans and Mongols fell due to over-expansion, the Roman empire lasted much longer than the Mongol empire.
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