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Posted by: AdamThyGreat

Black Lives Matter, or Blue Lives Matter

  • Black Lives Matter

  • Blue Lives Matter

45% 5 votes
55% 6 votes
  • Black lives matter has a mission to promote equality to all black folks regardless of gender, creed, belief systems, sexual orientation ect. It is an attempt to bring back the black liberation movement. Its meant to unionize the black people. What they do is blame everything wrong that happens to a black person on the bigotry and prejudices held by the white skin color. They disregard the actions made by that kid that violently asserted himself to the police threatening their lives and ended up getting himself shot by cops. They make the black kid seem like an innocent victim of racism and the white man seem like devils. They don't like living in reality, they realize that thanks to a colorful history this country has had with blacks, they can use their skin color to guilt trip people into thinking the way they do and support their cause

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dietorangesoda says2016-06-02T05:44:41.0085312Z
SarahBakesCakes says2016-06-02T06:52:03.0618615Z
Why not both?

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