Nuclear Energy vs Fossil Fuels

Posted by: Fathomable

Which one is more harmful? Debate it.

  • Nuclear Energy

  • Fossil Fuels

60% 6 votes
40% 4 votes
  • I dislike nuclear energy although if it is used responsibly it is less damaging to the environment.

    Posted by: 124275
  • When it comes to effective energy creation nuclear power is the safest and most efficient form of electrical power creation. All technologies we use that utilize fossil fuels are horridly inefficient, and often waste much of the energy used. Nuclear power has a bad reputation from the terrible accidents that happened from plants that were not secured safely. Although the by product of nuclear energy is dangerous when proper precaution is taken it does not cause significant environmental harm. Fossil fuels however release many toxins into the air when used with current technologies.

  • These are more harmful, as they release lots of carbon monoxide and dioxide, and are main contributors to global warming

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