One year on: Should Scotland be independent from the United Kingdom?

Posted by: Chris96

  • YES

  • NO

91% 20 votes
9% 2 votes
  • Scotland has its own culture, it's own laws, it's own education system , it's own religion. It's ambitions for its people are very different is different from the UK. It's time to go all the way and part from this defunct union

  • we have to break away from WM they are robbing us blind making our poorest people even poorer

    Posted by: agnesy
  • We are perfectly capable of running our own country and will do it a damn sight better than the incompetent self serving WM mob

  • Scotland will go further if we part were a strong place we need our freedom for the future generations and out the claws of webmonster

  • They deserve to be independent if they wish. This is life and liberty all people and nations deserve to be able to exercise. For the better or worse it doesn't matter. This includes states within a country too!

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OverSeeker says2015-09-19T01:26:14.2421479Z
There's a funny story about that. Once upon a time, the kingdom of England has lost all their heirs to the throne. To resolve that, they got Scotland's prince to rule both England and Scotland, as a double monarch. But then "the heir to the throne" process got confusing, so the officials had to revamp the process. So technically, Scotland is a part of England and vice versa. The question is to make like the Americans and unite all States, or as in this case, England and Scotland both play nice, or make like a divorce and they both break up, or as in this case, but becoming independent from each other. However, some part of Scotland still like to be a part of England. Think of it as a divorced parents' child having to stay with one of it's parents, or as in this case, a small part of Scotland still being part of Europe.
Chris96 says2015-09-21T11:00:45.9867172Z
@OverSeeker: One thing I would like to correct, Scotland is not 'a part' of England, as England do not rule anyone in the UK. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is not run by either Scotland, England, Wales, or Northern Ireland, it's basically seperate 'old kingdom's' formed together to make the current UK. That is why we say 'independence from United Kingdom' because we are not ruled by England.

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