Parents should ban their children from the use of smartphones

Posted by: oomsday

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  • I feel that, while smartphones are extremely useful to have under most circumstances, starting a kid off with one (particularly one with 3G or one that's expensive) is a disaster waiting to happen. They should start off with mobile phones - they can still text and contact parents in emergencies, and they are not 'tempted' by any other unnecessary features that a smartphone provides. Cameras exist even in mobile phones you know. Now, when the child grows a little and understands the risks and dangers associated with owning a smartphone (and there are many of those, but that is neither here nor there), then tey should be allowed to own one. A cheap one at first, of course. Eventually, you can up-grade them to a more modern one, or they can buy their own. Suggested age for smartphone possession: 14-15 years of age.

    Posted by: Acohn
  • Suppose there's an emergency, say an earthquake where you live. How will your parents be able to contact you? Especially if you live by yourself?

  • Depends on the circumstances

  • Since cell phones are a way to communicate long distances then I disagree that they should ban them from children. Just start them off with a cheap phone that doesn't do much but call and text.

    Posted by: casshp
  • Personally I believe that phones have too much useability as as humans in todays society we have a high reliance on tecchnology to complete even the most smallest tasks involved in our daily routine. Depriving children of their access to social networking to protect them from anything that may harm them is being too restrictive to the point overkill and affecting their quality of life. Cellphones allow children to be prepared in case of emergencies and that is trually the main reason that children should have phones. You don't want any child to be helpless and hopeless when these situations arise.

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  • When your child gets a certain age they should be able to have a phone in case of emergency.

  • Maybe 10 and under and even then just no games on the phone would be better than no phone at all.

  • smartphones are important for saftey reasons

  • It teaches responsibility, and it is up to the parent

  • Cellphones are the way to a teen's heart! I love my cellphone to pieces! It's like my baby! Plus, you get to play cool games on cellphones that you can't play online!

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foxxhajti says2016-03-30T12:01:30.2967278Z
Depends on the age of the child, the environment they live in, and other circumstances.
TheObsidianGamer says2016-04-04T00:54:44.7484601Z
If there was an emergency the parent should get the child a regular phone instead of a smartphone
Acohn says2016-05-20T09:10:33.7849478Z
In reply to JimmyTheMailman: How would you stop children from acquiring games for their smartphones? Parental controls? Don't underestimate children, friend. They're smarter and more cunning than you think.

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