• Piano

  • Violin

68% 136 votes
32% 64 votes
  • To be fair, I'm not sure if this is asking which is better to play, or which is more enjoyable to listen to. I prefer listening to piano music.

  • As someone who does play both, I enjoy both instruments. But the piano generally will allow the person to play more songs and helps the development of reading the Base and Treble Clefs. Piano can be used to play almost any song in the world due to it's range verses the violin.

  • sounds better

  • I play both, and personally the piano was easier and more fun to play. I still play violin in my school orchestra, I think its fun too, just not more than the piano.

  • Unlike some people may think the piano is great at expressing the emotion of the person playing based on how soft or hard the keys are struck on each note. I personally have been playing self-taught for about 5 years and have always found playing this instrument extremely calming (for the most part) and fulfilling.

  • I learned Violin a long time ago and I was good. It was nice! Although when I discovered the Piano I just kinda forgot about the Violin. I learned how to play piano and it inspired me. Music in general becan to inspire me so I also began to learn guitar.

  • As others have posted, there is a very broad selection of topics. However, when I thought of all of them, I realized piano could have better reasons. For example, a piano can make you famous and rich. It is also a very useful hobby, and party trick.

  • Piano can stand alone as an instrument better than a violin can. It is also more prevalent across more genres of music.

  • I've played both, and in violin I only lasted four days before I quit. In my opinion, you can play more songs on the piano. The violin seems quite outdated. I do like the sound of the violin though.

  • Piano is the instrument on which Rag-time is played

  • piano is sooooooo much easier and more fun

  • Picked piano because I find violin and string instruments in general too difficult to learn, maybe because I'm one of the pitch deaf population

    Posted by: Aire
  • Piano Gives a Wider range of music also its pretty simple for new bee's and gives the basics to music itself and you can take it to amazing length white the violin is a amazing instrument I personally believe that Piano is more comfortable and you can use a high range of music ! <3

  • Just a preference

  • The piano can teach you how to play must instruments, while the violin can't teach you how to play every instrument. Also, the piano can play way more notes.

  • I play both but piano more advanced

  • I prefer Piano, its very easy to feel the emotion of the music with each key played

  • Repertoire and versatility

  • Best Sound: Violin Most Romantic: Violin Easiest to Learn: Piano Most fun to play: Piano Most common: Piano Piano Concerto or Violin Trio: Piano Concert Piano wins

  • Piano just sounds so beautiful and majestic to me.

  • More range

    Posted by: Hayd
  • Piano is easier to learn. If I had to choose a string instrument, it would have to the cello because with the violin, it just uncomfortable.

  • I have been playing piano when i was 5 years old so i would of course pick piano.

  • I think they are both beautiful instruments its just that I personally play the piano. Piano can also make playing any other instrument easy if you learn how to play it first

  • piano is complete on it's own.

  • I play the piano. I am cool. Therefore, the piano is cool.

  • I vote in favour for paino because of its contribution to the muscial world. The greatest compmositions of music are all inclusive of pianos and there are very few great iconic violin pieces compared to piano compositions.

  • I play piano and piano is used as a grand instrument. There is no such thing as a grand violin though.

  • While the violin is a very pretty instrument, I feel like there is a greater variety of songs you can play on the piano. When I think of the violin, I think of more formal playing, but with the piano, you have so many options.

  • I have started learning piano because I have always loved the way the music sounds. I feel that for me piano will always be better then violin.

  • No instrument measures up to the complexity, elegance, nostalgia, and purely classic sound of the piano. It fits just about every music style including hip hop or rock. You won't find a violin in either of those categories.

  • violin sux

  • I played violin for awhile, along with some other instruments, but I dropped them all because all the lessons were too exp

    Posted by: Zlehn
  • So much Funner

  • It's more elemental

  • There is something about violin that is incredibly good at expressing emotion in a beautiful way that the piano really just can't do. Listen to El Tango de Roxanne from the movie Moulin Rouge, for example.

  • deeper range of control adagio for strings - Samuel Barber <--- /discussion


  • I go with violin because you can express sadness with it and all your emotions. I also like the beat and rhythm it does, rather than on a piano.

  • The violin sounds beautiful and has a lot more uses than a piano. Some say that a piano can make you rich, but who says violin can't?

  • I suppose I might have a bit of bias towards violins since I play violin, but both instruments are beautiful sounding in their own ways.

  • They both are great, but the violin mimics human voice tones and ot has a beautiful voice.

  • Now, personally, as someone who plays one instrument and has a brother, who plays the other, I know that feelings such as sadness, excitement and love can all be expressed equally effectively on both instruments. Both instruments can also be very difficult to learn for different people (I, for one, could never play piano - I do not have the multi-tasking ability to have both my hands do different things at once), and require years of constant practice to master. However, I think that the violin is superior, simply due to its versatility, portability and popularity. In general, I've found that violin players are far more respected, as they can not only play far more styles (for more occasions) but the instrument is also often seen as the more difficult one to play (though this is not strictly true). The violin can also be taken everywhere with the player, while a pianist can only play where there is a piano, and there isn't always one. True, keyboards exist, and are an answer of sorts, but violins are still more portable, and do not require electricity to work. Sorry people, the violin is simply the best.

    Posted by: Acohn
  • i have played both and prefer the violin for the fact that you can take it with you to more places and it easier to play.

  • I really enjoy listening to a violin; the sound is so beautiful!

  • love violin

  • Violin is much harder to learn and is much sharper with its sounds. As someone who mostly listens to a wide range of music including piano music that I find the violin a rare entrancing sound when you hear such an insterment at its peak of power to such sounds.

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Zlehn says2016-03-22T01:07:48.1913742Z
Expensive I still think it's one of the most beautiful instruments though. (The page reloaded and it posted my comment while I was typing XP)
mrsniper36 says2016-04-21T09:17:37.1984960Z
I used to play the violin and thought the sound was incredible but the piano is also one of the most moving sound you can ever hear so personally i cannot decide
SkyLeach says2016-04-21T11:33:10.4978322Z
Life would suck if we really had to choose in the end, the biggest downside to the piano is it's size and weight.

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