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Pianos or Guitars?

Posted by: HiHiHi32123

Which one is the better instrument?

  • Piano

  • Guitar

44% 20 votes
56% 25 votes
  • I play mostly guitar, but i play both

  • I definitely prefer Guitar, because not only do I find that guitars are underrated, but nothing compares to the sound of an acoustic melody.

  • I love playing both, but if I just want to jam a bit then I'll pick guitar instantly. It's portable and easy to just pick up and play sometimes.

    Posted by: jmiles
  • Guitars have much more variety in playing methods e.g. fingerpicking, conventional picking, tapping, sweep picking, hammerons and pulloffs, bends, etc. Once amps for electric guitars and keyboards/synths come into play, it's much closer.

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Randy1029 says2018-01-19T05:03:30.7193773Z
Kylar says2018-01-19T13:40:39.2015995Z
I prefer Piano personally because it makes for a lot more soothing sounds at night in college. I mean, it is just wonderful to hear old hymns on the piano late at night. They bring a lot of peace to my soul. The piano is also very soft and yet, dramatic at times, creating a perfect instrumental contrast.
Guinea_Pig_17395 says2018-01-19T19:06:06.9543766Z
The Piano is able to play smooth sounding songs with the help of the pedal, and can also play the rough-sounding chords people think of when they hear the guitar.
GWard301 says2018-01-22T20:32:06.9003492Z
I play both but prefer guitar
SirNoodles518 says2018-05-12T22:25:52.1575859Z
You can't shred on a piano

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