Playerunknown's Battlegrounds VS Fortnite

Posted by: A_G4M3R

Just for a quick essay.

  • Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

  • Fortnite

50% 26 votes
50% 26 votes
  • the two kids who voted fortnite are fucking retarded, I'm not a huge fan of PUBG either but statistically speaking, PUBG is successful and overall better than fortnite

  • PUBG is just an overall better quality game

    Posted by: Sergi
  • PUBG is kinda more creative than Fortnite, i play both games but i feel like playing PUBG is more fun. Although PUBG is still in Early access, its still a good game to play with your friends.

  • Overall PUBG is just better, I find it easier to play and not as stupid. Fortnite is just PUBG But for kids. If they have to make everything kid friendl, their parents should just not let them play.

  • Higher graphics

  • PUBG is Fornites superior. It is just a higher quality game in general and has better gameplay.

    Posted by: GJ185
  • 5 Of my friends says that PUBG is better than fortnite, that's what i think too! PUBG Has Better grapichs, you can drive cars, better guns. Even if it costs, it's worth is. PUBG Is for Cool Gamers, And Fortnite is for Kids who doesn't have money.

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Kegparlar says2018-01-23T18:19:20.5173620Z
Fortnit is the best
Kegparlar says2018-01-23T18:19:44.6978270Z
A_G4M3R says2018-02-08T22:50:29.7966731Z
I think it's so dumb how someone said that Fortnite has better graphics than PUBG
Shinyguyyug says2018-02-18T03:17:58.4073204Z
These games have very different styles and it seems weird to compare them if you have played them both.
joelgroen says2018-06-01T17:50:15.7092945Z
PUBG actually takes skill. You can win in Fortnite just by hiding in a bush
yeetusboiXD says2019-01-28T13:37:14.9294979Z
You can hide under cars in pubg. . .
xandy says2019-03-25T17:01:56.1344107Z
You are ass if you think pudg is better there both fun but fortnite is the best

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