Roblox or Minecraft?

Posted by: Sauerkraut

Which game is better? Minecraft or Roblox?

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gabep says2015-08-12T07:40:23.6166862Z
Why are there so many of the same vs polls around here? Can't we compare something different?
Sauerkraut says2015-08-12T14:18:57.4878114Z
LeviH your point is invalid. You can do more with roblox, as you can program it yourself.
Donderpants says2015-08-12T17:59:09.0708087Z
Technically, you could program your own mods in Minecraft if you had the skill. So actually that point is valid. Especially since for those without a mind for programming, Minecraft already has a little stuff prepared, and you can install other people's mods, so both games have either the same amount of options, or possibly slightly more for Minecraft, simply because of the modding community being large enough to offer more options to those that can't code.
Sauerkraut says2015-08-13T03:24:48.0443132Z
Minecraft mods are programmed with OUTSIDE programs, not made by mojang. Roblox has programming tools build in. Also, all of Roblox is a mod, as the definition of a mod is "the state of being modified or partial alteration." All games "partially alter" roblox, so all of it is one huge mod. Finally, in Roblox, there are "free models" which allow options for people who cannot code.
Donderpants says2015-08-13T07:45:51.0179698Z
Your point was that you can program it yourself, not that you can program it yourself from in-game.
xXx_EmeraldGaming_xXx says2016-05-12T17:20:30.6602171Z
This is a hard choice i like both games

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