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SweetTea says2014-04-11T06:55:16.3364747-05:00
Take a look at the tray above. Does anybody want to eat that lunch? OMG! It looks nasty. I'll take a boxed lunch from home, any day! At least, I always knew that I'd like my lunch ... It'd be healthy ... And Mom would always drop a couple of Hershey's Kisses in for fun!
howardzinn says2014-04-11T21:02:36.1712838-05:00
Sweet Tea What is that stuff? LOL My wife used to cut my son's sandwiches into Christmas trees during the holidays, he came home so mad one day, we new then he had grown too old for that! Haha.
blueeyedbeauty says2015-10-22T14:49:37.9653855Z
But if you're poor and can't afford lunch you will probably eat anything….It might look gross to you it may be the only thing a child is eating that day… just think… you can bring you a boxed lunch at school but NOT EVERYONE CAN AFFORD BOXED LUNCHES…. Tbh your comment is ignorant… there is poor people in this world..

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