Shluld prostitution be legal everywhere

Posted by: Nathalia.1126

Why should prostitution be legal everywhere? Should women and men be risking their life to get and income or should they be safe with knowing the chances of getting STDs are very low and the are safe and getting a much better income? ( for school project please help)

  • Brothel houses

  • No because its nasty

40% 4 votes
60% 6 votes
  • Legalisation or decriminalisation of the sex industry is often touted as a way to weed out organised crime in the industry and reduce the associated illegal trafficking inflows. However, Evidence shows that legalisation/decriminalisation only increases flows of women trafficked into the industry and provides a legitimate front for organised crime, While at the same time reducing police oversight of the industry. -ProCon. Org

  • A prostitute won't be considered as a human being with an own will anymore. You literally sell a person like it is a toy which ends up disrespecting the human rights. The possibility that prositution industries might do evil things LEGALLY is pretty much high, Not to mention how toxic and dangerous it can become. They might force someone into this industry or they might exploit children that look older than they are. Greedy people are bound to take advantage of this business if it ever becomes legal.

  • Prostitution is dehumanizing and opens the door to even more human trafficking than we already have. If you want to have sex get a girlfriend/boyfriend, Don't pay someone who doesn't know or like you to do it because they can't find a better job.

  • Not that it is nasty, But it disrespects the act of human procreation.

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