Should a third party be included in the upcoming election?

Posted by: sara_ann_dee

  • Yes

  • No

75% 15 votes
25% 5 votes
  • The really need to get Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson up there on the debate stage to show people that they don't have to hold their nose and vote for Hillary or Trump/whomever. There is another option with a solid platform and a proven track-record as a governor.

  • yes i think we need to bring The Nazi Party into America

  • Other countries have third parties and even a lot more parties which forces change and acts like competition.

    Posted by: aviatr
  • I would call for a no party system, without the stupid fighting for loyalty of a party gone, then perhaps congress might finally get something done.

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mrfreedom says2016-06-03T02:49:44.3811831Z
In a truth constitutional democracy's or republics multi-party system will give people more choice is candidates. Two polical parties are too powerful Democrats and Republicans both no longer represent the people they only represent the 1% because it's all about the money. Democratic and Republicans have crazy extremist on both sides to the piont problem get worse. The third party will balance the power between Democrat and a Republican for the radicals less likely to exist. Democrats and Republicans used to save the nation some point in history and they both equally destroy the nation now they are both destroying America even more then the 1%. They are destroying the middle class they both act like they care about the middle class and the poor in reality they only care about the rich. All polical parties deserve to be hear. News media don't don't show the General Public the exist of the third party most people in America don't know there is a third party other than the two.

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