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TheWorldIsComplicated says2016-06-12T17:45:44.9287482Z
Harry, because they were born gay, trans, etc. That's why. The bible says nothing about being gay, only gay sex.
harrytruman says2016-06-12T17:51:19.0509761Z
I said that logically, they should be, but people just love acting irrational and unnatural.
Gay_Ayatollah says2016-06-12T18:40:24.4122565Z
Adults should be allowed to be attracted to (and have sexual relationships with) other adults of the same sex. So long as this other individual isn't a child or an animal, and is treated humanely (within the boundaries of all laws) it's alright.
Vox_Veritas says2016-06-12T18:51:34.4833518Z
@Gay_Ayatollah This is about whether or not people should be straight, not whether or not they should be forced to be straight.
harrytruman says2016-06-12T19:11:55.9757895Z
@Gay_Ayatollah I'm a Liberatarian, so I do not believe that we should force people to live a certain way, however, this discussion is on whether or not it is a good choice on how you live your life, and it obviously isn't. Also, you may think that it is OK, but Bestaility and homosexuality are NOT ok, they are called Chazaq in the Torah, I.e. a disgusting or repulsive behavior.
Normerican says2016-06-12T19:15:10.9568317Z
You guys are stupid, it is obviously whether or not people should(if it's healthy) or not being obese or overweight or normal weight. Usually normal weight is more straight in posture(Usually normal weight people are at lower risk for health problems..) Overweight however is usually more round in posture(Usually overweight/obese people are at much higher risk for health problems..) So yes, all woman should be straight.
NewLifeChristian says2016-06-12T19:25:20.4052590Z
@TheWorldIsComplicated There is no evidence to suggest that homosexuals and transsexuals are "born that way", in fact, there have been studies that suggest the contrary (see: Regardless, it does not matter whether or not they're born homosexual or transgender. Various individuals have testified to have changed their sexual orientation and recovered from gender identity disorder, so it is possible to change from "gay" to "straight" and overcome your desire to change your sex. And, as for as the Bible is concerned, it clearly says that homosexual conduct is a sin, and any desire to sin is considered temptation, right? And temptation is wrong, so homosexual desires would be considered as such too. Bottom line is, it is not good to be attracted to the same sex . . . While it isn't sin, it is still wrong.
Reigon says2016-06-12T20:50:33.4167139Z
Why do people care about other people's sexuality? People are free to believe whatever the hell they want whether they support homosexuality or they don't it does not matter. What matters is treating everyone as equal.
TheWorldIsComplicated says2016-06-12T21:15:40.9697751Z
@NewLifeChristian If it is a choice, when did you choose to become straight? As far as I'm concerned I've always been attracted to one gender, I never decided who I love. Once again, you can't just assume what the bible means. The Bible says homosexual sex is wrong, but it never says anything about the person, so you can't say whether it is including just being gay. I don't care what the bible says about homosexuality, I'll live my life happily. I'm not hurting anyone. You know that the people that choose are just bisexual right? Judging others is a sin and that's what we do everyday. We also lie, but I don't see protesters with signs that say "Lying people are going to hell." I hope you don't have a kid that is gay. If it isn't genetic, how come a lot of the time a gay persons twin brother is also gay? You seem to be ignorning the fact of "Love thy neighbor as thy self." I hope one day you open your eyes and see how wonderful the world is when you don't blind yourself by hatred. Http://www.Dazeddigital.Com/artsandculture/article/22676/1/scientists-discover-new-evidence-of-gay-gene
sociallyretardedviolinist says2016-06-12T22:09:48.6391959Z
How about we learn to think for ourselves and stop using a book written 2000 years ago to decide on what's moral?
lightseeker says2016-06-13T08:31:52.9707239Z
Well, people who are gay or support homosexuality, they're denying their own existence. I mean if their parents weren't straight, they wouldn't be here now to support homosexuality.
TheWorldIsComplicated says2016-06-13T21:04:51.0130528Z
@Lightseeker That is failed logic. They aren't denying their existence. If they were adopted, by gay parents then they are here to support homosexuality. Homophobes make no sense.
TheWorldIsComplicated says2016-06-13T21:08:57.9658018Z
@NewLifeChristian What happens if they don't believe in a religion, or their religion believes in homosexuality? There are plenty of christian denominations that support same-sex marriage. God didn't even the write the bible, he may not have said that at all. If it turns out God is against gays, then I'm against God. The bible is full of hypocrisies.
Carolean_Karl says2016-06-14T15:40:30.4605154Z
I don't think 'should' is the right word to use in a question on this subject. 'Should' implies that there is a choice to being gay, which there is evidence that that isn't the case. And, going off on a tangent, why do some people think being gay is a choice? If it was, why would anyone choose to be gay? Throughout history and still today in many parts of the world, gay people have been brutalized and shamed for their sexuality - who would ever choose to be a part of such a group?
TheWorldIsComplicated says2016-06-14T18:50:51.1905406Z
@Carolean_Karl You are exactly right! We need more intelligent people like you who aren't completely blinded by religion! (Not saying Religion is a bad thing)
lightseeker says2016-06-14T20:05:20.3800849Z
@TheWorldIsComplicated that is actually a weak logic. Because even those who are adopted by gay parents are born from straight parents. And I said if their parents were gay (meaning true parents), they wouldn't be here today to support homosexuality.
TheWorldIsComplicated says2016-06-14T20:21:43.5265912Z
@Lightseeker but does it really matter who their parents are? Doesn't matter what their parents are like, they are born gay.
lightseeker says2016-06-14T20:46:49.2164483Z
@TheWorldIsComplicated actually the studies show that no one is born Gay. It's just something that you develop over the years. And as all behaviors, it can be changed. Http://www.Godandscience.Org/evolution/genetics_of_homosexuality.Html
whiteflame says2016-06-15T04:48:23.0611383Z
@lightseeker That link is practically the definition of pseudoscience. For a start, it's trying to prove a negative, something that any researcher worth their salt would tell you is virtually impossible. You can prove that sexual preference is fluid for some people, but it's impossible to prove that no human being is ever born homosexual. Second, the site itself isn't a study. It points to a number of studies, the many of which only have tangential application to the topic at hand, if any at all. Those that do apply only show signs of eliminating certain potential explanations for differences between homosexuals and heterosexuals (in many cases, he doesn't even manage this very well, only introducing doubt into some conclusions made off of studies that often aren't even trying to prove that gay people are born gay), which is nice, but doesn't prove the assertion that no one is born gay. Third, the site misses a huge swath of research into epigenetics, which has shown stark correlations between certain inherited signals in the body and homosexuality. In fact, the study misses quite a few important pieces of research on this front. So no, I disagree that this is just another behavior that all people can change. That mentality has brought about plenty of Christian groups who have made efforts to force those changes in many young people in their congregations. That practice alone has caused more harms to more people than homosexuality as a whole.
sebban468 says2016-11-15T16:17:55.7329641Z
All women should be straight and all men should be gay except 5 men per city. That way things would be easier.

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