Should all vaccinations be banned?

Posted by: CatalyticConvertersRule

They cause Autism, seizures, and leave a child with no choice. The health care system should be charged with murder if the baby dies.

  • Stupid question. ALL people should be forced to get vaccinated.

  • Vaccinations are not needed as our own BODIES adapt.

80% 37 votes
20% 9 votes
  • Without vaccinations, a danger to oneself and others is present. Diseases such as measles or cholera could resurface, and do damage, even though preventative measures could have been taken.

    Posted by: Yodey
  • Everyone would get sick without vaccinations. And nobody wants that. Smallpox would still exist if we didn't have vaccinations, for example.

  • If you refuse to have your kid vaccinated and he/she falls ill or dies from an easily preventable disease, what would your response be?

  • Vaccines are heat to help people. You are more likely to die from bacteria if vaccines were not there to help you. Vaccins do not cause autism either. I mean who ever votes against this idea is dumb and doesn’t know basic biology.

  • Our own bodies cannot protect us from many diseases and infections. Therefore, vaccines are a NEED. In order to protect others and yourself from harmful viruses, a vaccine must be used. This will prevent the disease causing it from attacking your body.

  • People need to get vaccinations. It will help you in your life

  • I do not think they should be forced, but I do think banning vaccinations is a good idea. Vaccinations save lives.

  • bruh

  • Not forced but without vaccines, people will develop dangerous and contagious diseases, this stuff destroyed and decimated the likes of smallpox and eventually polio will be next.

  • frickin like they dont even hurt anyone and actually help your body feel gucci and help beat up stpid deseazez in tha prkin lote

  • i think that we can rely on vaccines until we can make nano stuff to help us get rid of the bad bacteria in our bodies and repair blood cells and stuff.

  • our bodies adapt after enough of us die from polio that those immune to it are all that is left. their is a reason we invited them.

  • I LOVE being a slave! YAY to vaccines!!!

  • Unless you want horrible diseases in this planet get vaccines.

  • it will just kill us all because the vaccine will become virus and british are coming

  • Absolutely not. I get it, you want to protect your kids. I'm going to list some symptoms of. . . let's say mumps. For each, ask yourself if you would subject your child to that, okay? -Pain in the abdomen, muscles, neck, pelvis, and (in the case of males) testicles. -chills -fatigue -fever -loss of appetite -malaise Would you do that to your child? If so, you're a terrible parent and shouldn't have a child. If not, vaccines are an easy way to avoid your child having to experience this.

  • Calpol killlls people. IT HAS babies and posionous germs in it and kills you slwoly and paiddnfduglera ylaryk lpkg#bcb

  • Because vaccinations don’t work. If they worked how come people still get sick and why does a young baby need a hepatitis A or B shot when hepatitis is a sexually transmitted disease I don’t think a hound baby is going to have sex and if it stays with you and protects you why not give it to your kid later in life when there like ten or so

  • Vaccines are ineffective and rely on faulty pseudoscience such as 'Germ Theory' which is riddled with problems. Injecting dead viruses into your muscle tissue with the aid of heavy metal components to stimulate antibody responses is highly unnatural which can lead to adverse health effects(insert massive list of people whose lives were ruined by vaccines through side effects and diseases they were apparently vaccinated against ). Humans have 3 layers of immune system(physical, Chemical and antibodies). Antibodies are the last line of defence meaning that immunity is better and naturally achieved through being healthy. This is not to mention numerous whistle blowers who testified against vaccines. Big Pharma should be held accountable for its crimes against humanity.

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DrCereal says2017-12-17T01:46:21.1545676Z
Polls like this one deeply concern me.
Llamalord says2017-12-17T02:38:07.0451862Z
This is obviously a fake poll to push your opinion, the two options are not equivalent, "All people should be forced to get vaccinated" is not equivalent to "Vaccinations are not needed as our bodies adapt" on a poll about banning vaccinations. It should be more along the lines of "No vaccines should not be banned" and "yes they should be banned" or something else of relatively equal equivalency.
CatalyticConvertersRule says2017-12-17T04:27:31.5395384Z
I'm glad to see that ya'll are smart!!!!!!!!! Vaccinations are completely fucking USELESS.
ladiesman says2017-12-17T19:58:24.7854042Z
Vaccines are labled a cause for autism only because people are looking for a cause and are uncomfortable with ambiguity. There is nothing wrong with being autistic, I myself have Asperger's Syndrome.
CatalyticConvertersRule says2017-12-18T06:14:39.7821829Z
Yea, you got it from vaccines!!!!!!
ladiesman says2017-12-18T19:55:14.8887792Z
@CatalyticConvertersRule What I got from being vaccinated is resistance to various diseases.
CatalyticConvertersRule says2017-12-18T20:38:13.7413102Z
I haven't had a cold, nor influenza in over twenty years. This is due to not getting any inoculations. You are absolutely brainwashed by science, "history" (his story), as well as - here's a new one for you, the jew. The jew lies about everything. You are of the belief that these concoctions are magic potions that completely changed the world. That's what you history books told you, so they must be right, right? LOL. In one hundred years, people are going to believe that the World Trade Centers actually "dustified" due to a man in a cave who told nineteen Muslims to go kill themselves, meanwhile, jew were arrested for having planes painted on their van, flying right into the WTCs! Urban Moving Systems. Do I have to edJEWcate you on the "art sJEWdents" who received free rent for years on the top portion of the building, too? Those jew were caught CELEBRATING, jumping up and down and passed it off to the cops as they were "just there to 'document' the event!!!" Then, without a whisper, flown back to Isntreal. But, you keep on believing your jew World Order like a good slave! They write, edit and publish the fucking SCIENCE books, too. Where do you think "Asperger's" came from, anyway? You're so happy to be diagnosed with it, it seems. You don't think human interference could have caused your condition, too? LOL. WAY too much faith in humanity, buddy boy. You have a shit ton to learn. You probably think those fires in SOCAL are natural wildfires too, right?! Let me guess. You're for "sustainable development," too? (Code words for herding all the non-jew into enormous cities on top of one another in tiny apartments.) Throw your t.v. out the window and use JewTube to do your research. There is no such thing as "freedom of the press" anymore; or they lose their jobs - if they don't side with those cockroaches/cocksuckers. Burn your books while you're at it.
ladiesman says2017-12-18T22:00:39.6594146Z
@CatalyticConvertersRule Whatever you say.
CatalyticConvertersRule says2017-12-20T18:38:33.3601519Z
LOL I just made this debate to see how dumb the populace is!!! WOW!!! You people are really gonna love Martial Law and the Jew World Order!!! Dumb as bricks.
Biasporpoise says2017-12-24T08:00:10.0652663Z
Got to love that even with how loaded this is, reason still wins out. Even if there was a shred of legitimate evidence for vaccines and autism, I'd still use them. My daughter on the spectrum is infinitely better than losing her to something that was supposed to be eradicated, and risking it harming someone else's child.
Ant_Man says2018-05-22T21:42:56.2865881Z
And a vaccine is already putting the virus in you so your body can fight it off but some people’s ammun system isn’t good enough to fight it off and a child doesn’t need a hepatitis Vaccine

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