• Yes

  • No

14% 4 votes
86% 25 votes
  • ARts express children's feelings

  • Because how are people going to be able to express themselves in a way that is not harmful to others or that can damage their future? Do not take something like this away! This can change someone's life. They could just be going through so much and come to school to be in these activities and just feel free or accepted. What if you took sports out? How would people feel then?

    Posted by: aryell
  • No! The arts allow children to express themselves. It is also a great way to have at least one fun class at school if you have trouble with sports and academics.

  • Arts are not useless. They don't have to produce successful artists. I am in college in STEM and art is an integral part of my life. It teaches patience, Technique, Creativity, Abstract thought, Analytical skills, Coordination, Observation, And so much more -- ALL of which are necessary for almost any job someone might have, Especially in STEM. The "right brain" and "left brain" cannot exist without each other. Science and art go hand-in-hand, And anyone who thinks they can be separated isn't very bright in either.

  • The arts are the best way for students to express themselves and show off real skills. Personally, At my school, Our theatre department has felt the damage from decrease funding. It is shocking that sports are chosen over every other clubs in the school. Even then it really only goes to certain teams like the football team or basketball team. Now don't get me wrong, There is nothing wrong with funding sports. In fact, They should receive funding as well for the advantages that it can teach high school students. However, My quandary is when football is cherished above all other activities. Our school has an amazing performing arts program and other sports teams like tennis and bowling also perform highly even making state championships. Unfortunately for us at my school, The money is being wasted on a new football field for a team that has never made it pass regions in my time at the school. It is tragic to see the field for other sports such as tennis, Soccer, Softball, And baseball be torn down to idolize a team that has seen little success. Remember that I am not anti sport and have attended a lot of sporting events at my time at my school. I'm only against the unfair treatment of the other clubs and extracurricular activities.

  • Art uses creativity which is important, It allows students to express themselves, It gives them a small break in the day from the messed up school system. Many have a true passion for art that could be their career. Don't take that away from them.

  • Kids actually really enjoy the arts and it keeps millions of teachers employed what’s the propose of striping so many kids from things they enjoy and leaving so many jobless? Because some kids don’t enjoy themselves? Heck, We might as well get rid of math because what effect does math have on the children? It totally doesn’t help them in the future.

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