• Yes

  • No

7% 5 votes
93% 71 votes
  • Art is useless. What opportunities can rise from it? Any successful artist just trashes a urinal, finds a rock, or stacks gallons of piss. And successful artists on Youtube do simple illustrations something that does not need to take a class that could be filled with something like science.

  • The Arts program is important for individuals to prosper in these field

  • Arts in our school is of equal importance to our academic classes. They stimulate the imagination and give children a great community to be themselves in. They can express their emotions, and find who they are. It also improves focus.

  • I think that arts in schools help kids that want to pursue jobs like, Band director, orchestra conductor, Artistic creative director, ETC.

  • Arts help with so many things. They help release stress, they help with school, and its good for kids to learn about the arts!

  • Arts leave run for students creativity & imagination.

  • Schools with arts although often small flourish, and do amazing, as well as developing talents and uniqueness among its students

  • NO!

  • art can teach kids to express their feelings in a painting or drawing instead of letting their anger, or sadness out. it can also lead to kids being more calm as adults

  • As a theatre student, I always felt as though I was awful at other subjects. I couldn't focus, I didn't want to learn it, or I would just get bad marks. But through music and theatre, I found my passion. It brought me out of depression, it gave me a home away from home, and I made a new family who supports my love for the arts - It can bring students, like me, to a safe space to express themselves.

  • Arts is as important as school work. Its teaching history, giving kids a chance to unleash creativity, and is all around fun.

  • Why would you want to cut Arts? I don't understand the point of cutting something that is helpful to people going in that career path, a stress reliver, or just plain like to do it.

  • Art is an important way to express your feelings and everything in the world is art if we didn't have art in school we would not have anything cool in the world.

  • personally i think it is good in schools, its such a nice relaxing lesson and some people don't want to peruse jobs in history so should we get rid of that no

  • Art and culture are the root of any society. You need to be social to attend school. Art invokes interest in positive sharing experiences. Mary Jo Saul www.lareporters.com

    Posted by: MJSaul
  • Why would you cut something that some people have such a passion for! ? You know when people say, "You go to a great school. " they usually talk about how good one of two of its parts are, Either sports or arts. They are both great things to be passionate about, I think it's best to balance them out. They both deserve a voice, Why think one is a better passion than the other?

  • Arts is very supportive and should definitely stay in school systems.

  • Arts are not useless. They don't have to produce successful artists. I am in college in STEM and art is an integral part of my life. It teaches patience, Technique, Creativity, Abstract thought, Analytical skills, Coordination, Observation, And so much more -- ALL of which are necessary for almost any job someone might have, Especially in STEM. The "right brain" and "left brain" cannot exist without each other. Science and art go hand-in-hand, And anyone who thinks they can be separated isn't very bright in either.

  • Art uses creativity which is important, It allows students to express themselves, It gives them a small break in the day from the messed up school system. Many have a true passion for art that could be their career. Don't take that away from them. Art will/never was useless. For some people it might be but there are so many that will have a use for it. For every subject there will be A LOT of students that won't ever need to use/think about what they learned in that class so why should art be taken out and not those instead? Keep art.

  • Art helps kids grow and get new thinking abilities.

    Posted by: Ms.Ray
  • No! Art is fun. Not everyone likes art or is good at it but it will make you more creative if you try.

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PuddinL says2017-10-08T00:51:07.9331999Z
Everyone talks about STEM, but the fact is we need STEAM. The arts connects to every one of the STEM subjects. You wouldn't have STEM without STEAM.
Anitabab01 says2018-07-03T12:30:44.3570370Z
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