Should assisted suicide be legalized?

Posted by: NewLifeChristian

Assisted suicide is, according to Merriam-Webster, "suicide with help from another person (such as a doctor) to end suffering from severe physical illness".

  • Yes, assisted suicide should be legalized.

  • No, assisted suicide should not be legalized.

82% 45 votes
18% 10 votes
  • There's no reason why we can't strictly regulate it so that it's not misused.

  • Yes. It ought to be legal. Only a person can know his/her own life best, if they deem it is time to end their life no one has a right to stop them. People will suicide whether or not suicide or assisted suicide were legal. I'd rather people had the help of professionals that could minimize pain and suffering, and make sure it's effective than have them try themselves.

  • yes, if they are suffering from physical pain or mental illness

    Posted by: percyj
  • Honestly, I think that assisted suicide is fine. However, I think it can't be just left at that. I think that along with assisted suicide there need to be guidelines. 1. patients must go through a series of counselling. Reassuring that they are making the right decision. 2. Guardian consent?! Possible precaution for individuals who are suspected to suffer from a mental illness or other impediments. I believe there should be more regulations, but I am not educated enough in the matter. Overall, if it ever is legalized, I believe assisted suicide should follow a very strict process.

    Posted by: cbyl
  • If the person is proven to be mentally capable, then I see no reason why they shouldn't have the right to end their own lives

  • Why make someone who is going to die in a short amount of time live in chronic pain till then?

  • Just because you personally believe that suicide is wrong does not mean that you should take that right away from others that are facing debilitating pain. If you don't agree with it then don't have it. Of course it will be regulated. So you cannot say that now the mentally ill can kill themselves. It's not like people will commit assisted suicides with a wrench in their kitchens.

  • In school we wrote both an argument essay and a letter to the editor about doctor assisted suicide, my opinion on the matter is pretty much there. You can view the essay here: You can view the letter here:

  • If you are in pain, death can end it, remember assisted suicide is WITH the consent

  • I have been at the point of suicide and attempted, failed and sent to a hospital in Columbia, South Carolina. I do believe assisted suicide should be legalized because it is a personal choice and should be allowed to end their pain AS A LAST RESORT.

  • Doctor assisted suicide should be legal, because if your dying of like cancer and you have tried every measure possible. And you know your just going to end up dying eventually, but in pain and suffering. What is the point of living when your gonna die later on and in worse pain. Suicide is not murder. And when they say its 'against christian values' not everyone is christian, If Its against god to kill yourself and your gonna go to hell. Wont you being against gods will by not showing mercy just saying.

    Posted by: bl6k
  • This shouldn't even be an argument anymore

  • If it was me i would rather not sit their in pain

  • Assisted suicide opens the door for the mentally ill to kill themselves.

  • Suicide is murder. Not only does it go against christian values it goes against popular morals that a large amount of the masses share. Instead of offering to help a person end their life they should help them ease their mental issues with therapy.

    Posted by: riana
  • Remember the genocide of the Nazi Holocaust. Euthanasia economic, emotional two euros is likely to be a murder means. Also, the State has an obligation to protect life. It is recognized that euthanasia is that citizens recognize the right of being killed.In addition, there is no evidence of a patient unconscious hariraneun want to die.

  • So in the Pro Euthanasia section I'm seeing a lot of, "If they have a mental illness they should be able to kill themselves if they feel like it." But if we're going off of that claim then why don't we just let anyone upset kill themselves? Or how about a brokenhearted teenager? And who says we need the government? Let's all just go jump off a bridge or something! Think of your child. Or your friend or just someone you love in general. If they went to the government and asked to die and the government said, "Yeah kay that's cool. show up tomorrow morning." And then all of a sudden, that person was gone. How would you feel? Assisted suicide should not be legalized because of this. When someone kills them self, it passes on their pain to other people. No one would benefit from this. Life is precious. O be wise, what can I say more?

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TBR says2016-03-09T22:24:08.1208467Z
Why are Christians obsessed with controlling the body's of other people? Seriously. This decision has nothing to do with you. Don't want to kill yourself when you are sick, then don't, but stop messing with other peoples freedoms.
JustinPatrickShurie says2016-04-12T14:10:26.0733610Z
To riana and NewLifeChristian, This is not about the mentally ill, assisted suicide is taking them off life support. "Suicide is murder. Not only does it go against christian values it goes against popular morals that a large amount of the masses share. Instead of offering to help a person end their life they should help them ease their mental issues with therapy." First off, this is about making it legal or keeping it legal, so your religion argument is void via separation of church and state. And just because something is popular among most people could mean that the majority of people for assisted suicide are old, and there are less people with chronic disease than the majority. No, suicide is not murder. Def of murder: the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. Def of suicide: the action of killing oneself intentionally. I have autism, a "mental issue" and I lead a happy life, with the one exeption that my father, who has cancer, and has been on life support for over 4 months, is not allowed to die since it is not legal where I live. So this is not about mental issues, it is about people in pain, but you may not have addressed that since you know it is futile to argue.
JustinPatrickShurie says2016-04-12T14:13:05.8651853Z
And new life christian, you said it yourself, in description, Assisted suicide is, according to Merriam-Webster, "suicide with help from another person (such as a doctor) to end suffering from severe physical illness". And you bring up that it opens doors for the mentally ill to kill themselves? Mental is to mind as physical is to body. Voided arguement
NewLifeChristian says2016-06-12T21:11:21.8955930Z
Wow, this is pretty darn sad. Nearly 85% on this website say assisted suicide should be legal? Really guys?
NewLifeChristian says2016-06-12T21:25:22.2525534Z
@JustinPatrickShurie Assisted suicide is ONE way of ending severe physical suffering. With new medical technologies becoming available, I predict that people will suffer a lot less in the near future. And no, murder isn't just killing others. Some very reliable dictionaries (I honestly don't think Google is that reliable of a dictionary, but that is just my opinion) such as Merriam-Webster, define the word "murder" as, "the crime of deliberately killing a person". Notice, it does not say *another* person. Killing a person can include yourself.
NewLifeChristian says2016-06-12T21:31:57.3301509Z
@TBR What a load of hypocrisy. You act as if you're so pro-freedom, yet it says on your profile that you're against gun rights. What was that again about freedom?

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