Should Awards themselves be segregated based on sex?

Posted by: reece

The Oscars for example.

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I don't know

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reece says2016-11-26T00:45:28.6012976Z
@Kescarte_DeJudica What if one year one sex was primarily better than the other? You don't think people would be calling out sexism?
Kescarte_DeJudica says2016-11-26T00:49:27.5792295Z
@reece: No, you are right, people would be calling out sexism. But if it was true that one sex happened to perform better than the other, then the people calling out sexism would actually be the ones being sexist wouldn't they? After all, they are the ones making sexism an issue where and when it is not one.
reece says2016-11-26T00:54:25.4163387Z
@Kescarte_DeJudica: Truth gets thrown out the window when it comes to reality.
Kescarte_DeJudica says2016-11-26T00:58:49.3076303Z
@reece: You are right, but why be sexist by segregating the rewards just because some illogical and sexist people want to make a big deal? It sounds like giving in to peer pressure. Others are sexist by calling you sexist, and you respond with sexist solutions to satisfy the actual sexists? Doesn't sound like a legitimate solution. Why not tell the sexist people that they are the real sexists, that they are the actual problem, and if they don't like it to start their own awards ceremony in which they may do as they please?
reece says2016-11-26T03:14:17.6127847Z
@Kescarte_DeJudica: It's not about giving into pressure. It will just end up turning into a meaningless debate like this is turning into.
Kescarte_DeJudica says2016-11-26T23:51:24.0343368Z
Well, reece I don't mean to argue, but if you want to avoid a "useless debate", then why did you post your question on a debating website?
Kescarte_DeJudica says2016-11-26T23:52:03.1125873Z
Well, reece I don't mean to argue, but if you want to avoid a "useless debate", then why did you post your question on a debating website?
reece says2016-11-27T05:00:37.6566971Z
Are you saying that I have to go on a non-debating website to have a constructive debate?
Kescarte_DeJudica says2016-11-27T05:11:17.2240700Z
No, I am saying that a debate about whether of not this issue should be settled in this manner is the right idea or not. You implied that such a debate was useless, because the two of us arguing back and forth on it apparently made it so. What would you consider a constructive debate on the subject? One in which there was a more formal setting, versus simply discussing it in the comments section of a posted opinion?

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