Should Black Lives Matter be labeled a terrorist group?

Posted by: tmssean

  • Yes

  • No

59% 17 votes
41% 12 votes
  • We've seen riots and the violence they have been spreading. This was something Martin Luther King Jr. didn't want. It's terrible.

  • The only thing they do is host violent riots and even state genocide against the white race.

  • "What do we want? Dead cops!" said by a BLM protest. "F**k white people, boy!" said by one of the members in the BLM kidnapping.

  • Unlike some less educated folk have said, BLM is a group. It has a website, and it has affiliation, leaders, etc. They are violent and use said violence for political gain, thus qualifying them as terrorist.

  • BLM is primarily a cop-killing group

  • No, that would be stupid. black lives matter is not an organized group, it is a movement. Saying that black lives matter is a "terrorist group" would be like saying that islam, is a terrorist group. Thats just generalizing. Islam is a religion, not a group. And black lives matter is a movement, not an organization or group. It is a movement with a lot of extremism, but saying that makes it a terrorist group would be stupid.

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Anonymous says2017-07-01T14:10:44.3343000Z
Not yet, but its getting close.
noobhatts says2017-07-10T21:18:06.7619971Z
There is the unwanted and unfortunate violence. I wish philanthropy and egalitarianism became globally massive movements.

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