• Yes

  • No

13% 2 votes
87% 13 votes
  • paid for by whom? the collages cant just give them $

    Posted by: BIGC
  • No because you don't even know whether or not they are good and who is gonna pay them anyways

  • divert other student's college tuitions to athletes? heck no!

    Posted by: Sarra
  • They already get far more than they deserve.

  • They do, it's called tuition. Do you know how much college is?

    Posted by: Berend
  • If the college athletes wishes to be paid they should go a totally different route. When you compare the amount of money an athlete who receives towards their college tuition with that of a salary of a minor league baseball player, the deference in many cases is marginal.

  • Most of them are getting free college. There is no need for them to get paid extra money

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TBR says2015-09-24T20:28:20.0723909Z
They should stop being "students". The universities can "own" a company, that is fine by me. These teams should be company's like any other.
BIGC says2015-09-24T21:46:29.8124752Z
Paid for by whom? The collages cant just give them $
Renegader says2015-09-25T01:14:14.8814260Z
I agree with TBR. Half of them can hardly read anyway.

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