Should Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton become President

Posted by: 001Seraphina

  • Donald Trump

  • Hillary Clinton

62% 23 votes
38% 14 votes
  • As a conservative republican I feel obligated to vote for the conservative candidate, however I do not think mr. Trump would be a very good president. "The lesser of two evils"

  • Trump for president, Hilary for jail.

  • I prefer Cruz to Trump but if Trump's the nominee, (which will most likely occur) he has my vote.

  • I don't trust Hillary Clinton. Trump has done nothing that would make me distrust him, on the political level. I agree with Clinton more on economics and immigration but I side with Trump on everything else.

  • As a conservative hardcore Republican, It pains me to choose Hillary Clinton for any position other than detained convict. However, Trump is no conservative either and his radical attitude makes him a world war waiting to happen should he be president. Trump has no understanding of diplomacy, negotiating and not getting his way. He is all ego no logic and refuses to acknowledge anyone else as being able to defeat him (in anything). People like Vladimir Putin would grow tired of dealing with that attitude pretty fast. That's not to mention what Trump might do to the US. He claims to be republican yet he is a historic backer of democrats (including Hillary). Hard to determine who is the bigger liar of the two. At least with Clinton I know her ideology and I know she wont just randomly nuke or invade a country because one of their officials doesn't like her. Trump is not a Republican and will never get my support #nevertrump

  • i hate trump for so many reasons

  • Lesser of two evils

  • I'm a Bernie Sanders supporter, but I would be perfectly fine with Clinton as our President. The only person worse than Trump is Cruz.

    Posted by: benhos
  • I don't want to vote for a hate mongering, racist, who thinks that everyone with a darker skin tone than his orange one is lesser than him and possibly a terrorist.

  • At this point it's pretty obvious. Trump is a lying racist selfish hypocritical businessman who doesn't even want to be president. It's so obvious he just wanted to sell books. But the worst part about all this, is that Trump treats the Election ike a reality TV show. He can't seem to grasp the fact this is the election for the Whitehouse. He makes a big deal out of literally everything What a terrible President Trump would be. That only gives us one more option...

  • Because of Lebron Jamaties. Psych that the wrong number

    Posted by: hoi
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001Seraphina says2016-03-13T05:25:48.9836839Z
We need a good American president, someone who does not hink money grows on trees.
rainbeau1019 says2016-04-06T02:17:27.9078700Z
Neither. Trump is a demagogue and Hillary is a compulsive liar. I stand with the political revolution. I stand with Sanders.
SirMaximus says2016-05-30T01:09:26.6542927Z
No, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton should not become president. (I'm aware that this isn't a yes-or-no question, but come on, why should I have to pick between 2 authoritarians?)

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