Should homosexuals get married in mosques and synagogues too?

Posted by: Haroush

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All religious temples

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Only in churches

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emporer1 says2015-09-03T23:06:45.4713163Z
No religious institutions whatsoever. The bible is pretty clear about marriage between a man and a women. Homosexuals may get married, but not in a Christian,Muslim,or Jewish establishment. Abrahamic denominations generally view homosexual marriage negatively. Don't force your beliefs down our thoughts and we will do the same. I know for a fact however that my, Christian, temple will never marry homosexuals. Many Christian churches have abandoned the Lord on this subject. If you are not a believe, good on you, feel free to practice your own beliefs, just don't bring them into our churches and temples. Please! Incase of hate comments: I will not respond to insults or unreasonable criticism. Believe what you will and I will do the same, NOBODY SHOULD EVER FORCE SOMEONE TO GO AGAINST WHAT THEY BELIEVE IN RRLIGIOUS OR ATHEIST.
ekejke says2016-05-25T11:38:08.3063311Z
The highway to straight not curved
daredevil6701 says2017-11-09T06:24:23.9369695Z
Islam is pretty clear on this issue, homosexuality is a sin and a mosque would be the last place where a sin is celebrated. I don't know why they need approval from everybody, I am a muslim and I know and understand people liking and disliking me for my affiliation with Islam. Stop coercing people into agreeing with you for the sake of freedom of thought and expression if not God's sake.
robsm1th says2020-04-23T14:54:56.5887357Z
No it's a sin

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