Should Kanye west run for president in the year 2020

Posted by: hcd1997

  • Yes Kanye West should run for president

  • No Kanye West shouldnt run for president in 2020

13% 4 votes
87% 26 votes

  • Why wouldn't he be good my username is kanye2020

  • KAYNE IS MY FATHER ORINION and i am a child in need of a carrot i want to make people happy kayne west for 2020 vision in a lil teapot short and spout here is my kanye her is my 2020 president merry hanica to early one who reads this and goes wow merry gllacamous to me.

  • No political background.

  • He lacks political experience AND intelligence.

  • No.

  • just look at the type of person he is as an artist imagine as a president

  • He has nothing of value to offer on any level.

  • He is a dummy

    Posted by: Jbmelk
  • Kanye west shouldn't run for president in 2020! He doesn't even know that we are under the greatest threat of terrorism since 9/11! There are people who want to kill us folks, and you've sent your death wish with a Kanye vote. America will collapse because mr west would pick horrible cabinet members and would not be respected by any country including our allies. People who are out of work will never get their jobs back because you have a dumba** running for president. Then you have everyone in Hollywood and those dumb teens who will vote for him! They know nothing about politics! Believe it or not I'm 11 years old and I know more about politics than " kid president" or even somebody 5 years older than me! Believe me I know that Kanye will be a terrible mistake and the people who voted for him will be sorry for sure!

    Posted by: Nickz
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