Should kids have less homework

Posted by: Obidwell

Poll closed on 1/9/2020 at 9:30AM.
  • Kids Should Have Less Homework

  • Kids Shouldn't Have Less Homework

91% 10 votes
9% 1 votes
  • Kids should have less homework. I'm not saying homework should totally be banned forever, But the amount of homework I have as a high school student is ridiculous. It causes me to lose sleep, Also, I had to take a break from my sport to focus on my grades because I didn't have time to do all my assignments and I had lots of missing assignments. I also have bad depression and anxiety, And the amount of school work is not helping. School is where we are supposed to learn and do most of our work. If we were supposed to do it all at home, Everyone would be home schooled.

  • In my opinion, Yes! The main purpose of HW is for children to: 1. Be deeply understand the work they've learned from school. 2. For teachers to know how much they are understanding. 3. Help them to remember and know how to use those things. Yes, Doing lots of HW can make them understand and remember. But we can chose to let them doing less more HW. Instead of doing so much, Just do allitke by each day, Re doing it. And then they would not be so boring of it and surely remember it way better!

  • Nooooo. . . People should have less (fewer) kids. If any. No children, No homework. No teacher strikes. No "bad touches". Children existing, Totally screws up our world.

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