Should men be able to create and vote on laws that only apply to women?

Posted by: lucy2025

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Hugo_Head says2018-01-09T01:37:25.1371683Z
Women should also be able to vote on laws that only apply to men (such as whether or not to go to war), non-immigrants should be able to vote on immigration law, ETC. Equality means that we all share equal power in the decision making regardless of whether the outcome effects us.
Inconvenient_Truth says2018-01-14T19:36:34.4973108Z
What is an example of a law that only applies to women?
Minddagger says2018-01-15T02:21:48.1036892Z
They people who typed no are hypocrites
Swagnarok says2018-01-15T02:24:48.6969051Z
Didn't women voters have a say in whether we'd get involved in WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, in which men were sent overseas to fight and die?
Inconvenient_Truth says2018-01-15T14:43:22.7813557Z
Actually, I misunderstood the question a bit. I assumed the topic was laws that "affect" only women. I suppose there are laws that apply only to men but affect women as well and likewise. Irregardless, though, I'm curious if there's an example of an actual law that applies only to women? I wonder if the "equal protections clause" would then justify similar measures for other classes like children and the menatlly handicapped.

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