• Yes

  • No

68% 45 votes
32% 21 votes
  • It's illegal for anyone to hit anyone. If men hit women or women hit men. They should be charged accordingly.

  • I picked no because no one should be hitting each other in the first place and if you (any gender) retaliates they are at just as much fault as the person who started it. It's better to just walk away.

  • that is not a gentleman to hit a woman back!

  • Do the appropriate thing and call the authorities. Don't continue the chain. Chances are when you hit her it will leave a mark. So, she could spin the story and say you hit her first, which they are more inclined to believe...even if you both have marks. However, if you are the only one with a mark, it's obvious that she hit you and that you didn't retaliate. The police will always believe the women because you are the more perceived threat and men have a harder time controlling their emotions (hence the results of this debate).

  • Physically women are weaker so its best not to hit them..

  • It isn't right just for men to hit women. But if you mean 'If a woman hits a man she shouldn't be arrested but a man should' than I don't support it. Both genders should be arrested if they hit anyone.

  • david cook, my owner thinks men cannot hit women back.

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Masterful says2017-06-06T15:35:27.8444486Z
Women can't punch.
Fatuous says2017-06-08T21:35:56.6456046Z
Gina Carano can punch 650 lbs per square inch. She's a UFC fighter.
Anonymous says2017-07-01T00:08:02.9026695Z
This is a silly question. Of course men CAN punch women back. The question is whether or not it is OKAY okay for them to do so. Obviously no one should be punching anyone. It is okay in cases of self defense, or in sport, but not otherwise.
face1995 says2017-07-06T19:23:16.7182072Z
I can't choose either. When someone hits you only once, then hitting back doesn't become self defence yet but an assault in return, and would quite likely provoke the other person to get aggressive and want to beat up the other person. However, if somebody is trying to beat you up, the first ideal thing to do is to run away as fast as possible and attempt finding a police if possible. If while running away, the perpetrator is a faster runner and you're unable to get away, then it's completely reasonable to hit back with force of appropriate extent for force, actions, and the overall thing to attempt breaking free from the threat, and then you tell the cops. I don't care who you are (nor what your traits, physical facts are), and who the perpetrator is (nor what their traits, physical facts are). The thing is, this principle applies in any situation. Like if a man is buff, but not the lady, and the lady attempts beating him up, and the man is unable to escape from her, then ideally he should not hit but just block as that is easy for him, or if he doesn't have good blocking skills, he should just give her a slight push (but not hit) and possibly throw a reduced amount of cold water if he has it. If both genders were the opposite, but the lady was buff but not fast in running, while the man being skinny, slim, and fast in running, then the lady should do the same exact thing. That's equality, and the law/government/law enforcement should recognise it.

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