Should non-African schools serve African cuisine?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

Schools serve Asian cuisine such as egg rolls and teriyaki chicken, Hispanic cusine such as tacos and Spanish rice, and even European cusine such as French fries but schools barely serve African cuisine. Should non-African schools take African cuisine into consideration and serve it as school lunch to students? Multicultural Day does NOT count. I'm talking about regular, standard school lunch.

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YES, non-African schools should serve African cuisine!

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NO, non-African schools should not serve African cuisine!

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UtherPenguin says2016-06-29T01:54:20.2671166Z
Africa is a fking *huge* continent, we don't just have one cuisine.
dietorangesoda says2016-06-29T02:05:41.1104775Z
Africa doesn't have any food thats why there so many starving people
SegBeg says2016-06-29T20:00:54.6874668Z
Dietorangesoda, you are so ignorant. Africa have plenty of of food. You must be one of those people who believe Africa is nothing but a desert where people live in huts and have AIDS right. Stop being so frickin' ignorant! Africa is the place that everyone is so ignorant about- especially the West. All they ever show on TV of Africa is the starving children but that is NOT all that Africa is about. Go do your research before trying to state things you don't know! Africa is not like that and I'm tired of people thinking all Africans are poor- some are but some are extremely wealthy.
eZminT says2016-06-30T22:41:23.7266909Z
Yeah pretty sure everyone is starving due to lack of food
bobeld says2017-06-17T18:37:10.3334355Z
Wolfram: Does eating at a Chinese or Italian restaurant divide families and create problems? Also the American diet is full of things that are bad for your health. Most of the African foods (varies by area) are healthier and are closer to a healthy Mediterranean diet.

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