• Yes

  • No

70% 28 votes
30% 12 votes
  • because it is in the same land as ireland

  • Northern IRELAND.

  • Thanks for nothing England.

  • They are their own people and its up to them, not the UK

  • Ireland joined the UK because they were broke during the colonial age and needed to join forces with Great Britain to gain more money. They never joined because they 'wanted to.'

  • Catholicism is growing in Northern Ireland and decades from now the Northern Ireland will be overwhelmingly Catholic just like the republic of Ireland and by then, when they call for a new referendum, most likely the majority of the population (which by then will be overwhelmingly catholic) will vote for independence from the United Kingdom and re-integration with Ireland.

  • I like me to be free and independent but for countries I don't really support separation. If you want to be liberal about it then if allll the people or 90% or something vote to no longer be a part they should be free.

  • We've had a load of referendums on this, as long as the Northern Irish want to stay in the UK then they should.

  • I personally consider that this is really up to the people living there, and since no action was taken until now, I guess we have our answer.

  • The Irish people AGREED to give UK northern Ireland in order to stop BLOODY FIGHTING. By saying "yes" you are essentially disrespecting the dead, as well as the right of conquest. The UK owns it "fair and square" as a layman would say. Also, here's the kicker: A lot of N.Irelanders WANT to be in the U.K.

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DanielCatDog says2018-02-13T19:36:19.3126140Z
The answer is, easily, yes. Northern Ireland is far better off being controlled by Ireland rather than the UK. It all boils down to three very simple factors: geographic location, economy, and cultural unity.
Eric567 says2018-04-13T16:21:14.8995508Z
No, because the UK has the RIGHT to have N. Ireland. They GAVE the UK NORTHERN IRELAND to stop a WAR! Violating treaties is exactly what causes more conflict! This is nonsense.
Leaning says2018-04-29T05:20:12.0792200Z
Why exactly does geography matter in this question so much? The Falkland Islands hardly wanted to be part of Argentina. (As far as I know), they saw themselves as part of the British Empire. (I think). USA and Canada are right next to each other and have some similarities in culture and economy, doesn't necessarily follow that one of us must submit to the other.

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