Should padded rooms be used in mental hospitals?

Posted by: jenish

People dont seem to like the idea of padded rooms. But dosent that quite place should alot better than being put in reestrains and tranqulized?

  • Yes

  • No

70% 19 votes
30% 8 votes
  • While I don't believe people should be restrained I do know that the padded rooms don't help either. I feel as if I was a mental patient I would feel even more crazy inside one of those rooms. I personally think that we should find different better options to care for mental patients.

  • It's unethical, people struggling with their mental health need help not punishment. It's arguable if it is even right to do it on prisoners let alone the mentally ill.

  • yea putting more mentally unstable people into a sensory deprivation room where even death is not a option is a great ways to make them feel better ======================================================= seroisly though maybe we should be looking to medical treatment like gene therapy or mind process alteration instead of just locking them away without giving them real treament

  • If someone is so insane they shouldn't be comfortable, if they want to kill themselves, why not let them

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Crumbeater says2018-03-02T18:58:17.2600028Z
Yes, because mentaly deranged people will most likely try to ram into a hard concrete, killing themselves.
sexualdesire says2019-09-03T18:14:12.3052200Z
I was a mental patient in an institution, And the way I got better was through therapy and comfort. If you want even more deranged people in society, Yeah, Padded rooms are perfect, But mark my words, Padded rooms are a bad idea and won't achieve anything but hatred, Discomfort, And ultimately, More mentally ill patients.

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