Should people have more than two children?

Posted by: Charliecdubs

With technology advancing at an exponential rate, have offspring become obsolete?

  • Yes

  • No

50% 7 votes
50% 7 votes
  • More then two, but not much more.

  • I think that the required fertility rate to maintain a population is 2.15(ish). 2 to replace the parents, and 0.15 to replace the stupid people dying young. So if you want to die with no one to care for you, i guess kids arent needed

    Posted by: 00r3d
  • Without a procreation rate >1 (2 per couple), the human race would decline and eventually die off altogether.

  • Why not, some people can have no kids and other can have 30, it's not like there is no more room in the world. But, there should be a restriction for Muslims living in Western countries

  • Sure. Many people are concerned with overpopulation, but studies show that the population is likely to stabilize instead. As long as people can support their children, it should be fine. Plus, places such as Denmark and Japan and even the US are declining in populations, and the former cases having more than two children would be incredibly beneficial.

  • People should have no children. So no, people should not have more than two children. If this answer is not acceptable, people should or shouldn't have more than two children depending on their interests. The only way one could vote yes or no was if this question was asking whether one should or shouldn't have children. I would suggest revising or changing this question entirely.

  • NO, actually one is enough, but I guess if you feel you must try for the two genders, meh. I would say in this economy and with the inability to change no where in sight, it would be a disservice to the child unless of course you are in the upper upper middle class and above.

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Seeginomikata says2014-04-11T01:59:19.0780663-05:00
Population/demographics does not matter on the negative side; 99.9986% of all people could drop dead and the human population would still have plenty people to be viable. However, it does matter on the positive side. Obviously sustaining a global average of 9 children per mother would be disastrous, as the entire planet only has so many resources. There are benefits to having slim overpopulation, and terrible consequences for having a stable population. It is too complex and difficult to just "decide" on what "should" be done.
SweetTea says2014-04-11T03:37:46.0991526-05:00
If they can afford to provide adequately for the children, as well as educate them, then having more is fine. If you haven't got the resources, you shouldn't have 1!
Owlz says2014-04-11T05:43:40.9018414-05:00
I'll leave the amount of children I'll have up to whatever my future wife and income allow.
howardzinn says2014-04-11T10:46:28.1488484-05:00
Sweet Tea That says it all perfectly! The operant word being 'provide' insinuating you as the parents who produced the child not the federal government or the grandparent of the girl.

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