Should poachers go to jail?

Posted by: mini2

Should they ?

Poll closed on 3/8/2016 at 10:00AM.
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  • No

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PurpleRainbow says2016-03-23T03:34:57.7909140Z
Yes, they're hurting our animals!
themightyindividual says2016-03-28T23:50:48.0021930Z
Depends, what definition of poaching are you using?
Wolfram says2016-07-31T04:07:14.4760478Z
Neither. I prefer the death punishment for poachers to set an example to criminals over and over.
Skeptical1 says2016-09-24T04:24:48.1550872Z
They should be left (unarmed) overnight in a pen with an adult of whatever species they were poaching (also unarmed), and left to sort it out.
ZachZimmey says2017-01-01T03:35:53.1434922Z
If they are caught, they do go to jail. This question is somewhat unnecessary.
RedPandaz says2017-02-21T20:48:46.6056633Z
Skeptical has a good idea :D
neonoctopus says2019-01-23T02:06:58.8711531Z
Agree with Skeptical and wolram although maybe more than on night maybe 72 hours

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