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No. Too annoying!!!

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Yes!!! He was so awesome in X Men

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PetersSmith says2016-06-11T17:57:35.8000754Z
Like with the other user, I'm going to have to ask you to stop spamming the polls section with these.
SegBeg says2016-06-11T18:06:52.4584437Z
Um... I am NOT spamming!!! I'm simply just asking for other opinions on fun subjects that I like to talk about and see if there's any others out there like me. If you don't want to vote on the poll... Don't vote and mind your own business. Ps. Triangle.128k, I am a GIRL!!!
triangle.128k says2016-06-11T20:28:45.0274111Z
@triangle.128k PetersSmith is the polls moderator so I highly suggest you stop or you might get banned. Also, do I look like I give two damns whether you're a girl or not?
SegBeg says2016-06-11T20:43:06.4387227Z
Triangle. 128k, Yes. I apologise but I'm not spamming. I'm just asking questions that I like to talk about. I'm not advertising, phishing or trying to spread malware. Simply posting polls and nothing more. Trust me. I am not spamming. I would NEVER do that and I don't even know how to. They are just QUESTIONS for people to answer like all the other questions. Ps. I don't give three dams that you don't give two damns that I'm a girl. I was just informing you because you referred to me as a "he"
triangle.128k says2016-06-11T21:48:08.6517010Z
@SegBeg Look up the definition of spam, would ya? PetersSmith (the polls moderator) is asking you to stop spamming the same polls over and over again.
42lifeuniverseverything says2016-06-12T01:59:16.2475197Z
Let's clarify something triangle and peters. Spamming is when something is repeated in a consecutive sequence for several intervals in a short period of time. This is not spamming (at least from the stories I am piecing together in these comments. Also from what I understand, there is more to this site than just polls, and if you both are spending too much time worrying about spammers here, then maybe you should go do a debate or forum. Peters has an excuse being a poll moderator.

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