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Yes! It doesn't hurt anyone.

45 votes

No! It is a danger to society.

21 votes

Undecided, but probably.

2 votes

Undecided, but probably not.

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alexjacklin says2017-02-25T20:15:20.6639104Z
Marijuana should not be legalised. Ever. It is a danger and will make people go mad and crazy. They will soon be paying millions for a single gram of it. Not only that but they will at the worst kill and murder for it.
Sinque says2017-02-25T20:19:54.4430800Z
There is actually no proof that marijuana makes people mad and crazy. Here is a video explaining:
Bungholio says2017-02-26T21:09:02.4880951Z
Why should Marijuana be legal? 1) One should have to ability to choose whatever substance they put in their body, regardless of the detrimental effects it causes to the person. So long as they are of sound mind when making the choice, and that it does not infringe on the rights of others, it should be legal 2) Marijuana has proven medical benefits and has been proven to help with seizures, cancer, and other serious illnesses. Http://www8.Nationalacademies.Org/onpinews/newsitem.Aspx?RecordID=24625&_ga=1.198930671.1791292794.1484233196 3) The money that can be made of the industry, whether it be for government revenues, or private sector growth, is enormous, as seen in other countries and certain states. Https://www.Bloomberg.Com/news/articles/2016-09-12/cannabis-industry-to-expand-to-50-billion-by-2026-analysts-say While there will be negative side effects, the positives far out way them. Weed is going to be legalized eventually, so it might as well be legalized now so that the benefits can be appropriated sooner.
brinzahar says2017-02-27T13:50:59.7614442Z
Marijuana is safer than cigarettes. And while tobacco has no medical uses marijuana and hemp have so many that is undebatable. Hemp and marijuana can help slow down the effects of ALS, cancer, bipolar disorder, multiple personality disorder and many others. The only reason why marijuana has so many problems now is because of marijuana becoming illegal. Making it legal, doesn't mean that everyone will do it. By legalising it will allow for taxes coming in from the marijuana and hemp at the same time cutting down on minor drug charges, as most minor drug charges are profiled also, depending on race and sexuality. Also, marijuana is not a gateway drug, prescription drugs such as Fentanyl and Oxycontin are gateway drugs.
el13smith says2017-03-01T17:18:30.7845125Z
I genuinely can't believe that some of you people think that marijuana has the power to hurt people or to make them go mad or be dangerous. Give me one source, one piece of evidence other than what your conservative parents and teachers have given you. This isn't elementary school anymore and we need to understand that people do not routinely kill for marijuana alone nor does jt make them dangerous in any way. In fact, recreationalizing would increase health rates both mental and physical as well as greatly increase our economy and other things.
Bi0Hazard says2017-03-03T01:05:55.0599653Z
Legalization doesn't inherently create better health rates, but it does when you redirect resources to education and rehabilitation which may prevent further use in the future. Prison just creates a social problem.
123maxabc says2017-03-21T23:16:44.4050176Z
El13smith shut the fuck up your probably some lost liberal who lost her virginity during her last year at elementary school. (If they still have all eight grades in the same school).
BUILDTHEWALL says2017-09-08T02:36:45.2303827Z
LIVE AND LET LIVE! And let's END this senseless war on drugs once and for all!

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