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School should not be a compulsory. This is because if someone is forced to do something, they are less likely to enjoy it than if they choose to do it. There have been instances in the past where schools have been voluntary and while attendance was low at the start, it ended up going up. This shows that people want to be educated but being forced doesn't motivate someone to learn. As well as this, giving students the choice to improve themselves and to get educated increases the respect society has for te

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Hell yes.

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I have a debate need information

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I have no idea please help

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tuttustrugglesarereal says2018-02-25T11:50:07.4954968Z
What type of uneducated society would we be raising without forced schooling, at least till 16yrs? Children need to socialise, they need to be in ambients with more people their age. Even if they don't want to, like what the hell, people out there would die for a proper education and here we are proposing to throw it away as if it were nothing?? Knowledge is power. From 16yrs on I say that you're mature enough to make your own choices, and if you still don't want to learn then that's more than fine. I don't want unwilling students to drag those who want to learn back, either. But at least some education should be compulsory.
Charlatte says2019-03-08T06:30:45.4020142Z
Yes, How would you like it if your SO forced you to go to an event like a lecture you didn't want to go to? Why condemn millions of students to that horrible sentence 6-8 hours 5 days a week 180 days a year for most of their lives? They won't learn anything unless it's their passion and their choice to be there. Kids are naturally curious but school actually kills that curiosity. It also actually increases depression too and many other mental illnesses while also making it more difficult for students to be social. Homeschool is claimed to be what makes people unsocial but it's actually public education which does this.

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