• Yes

  • No

28% 5 votes
72% 13 votes
  • Longer school days for extra classes/extracurriculars should be optional though.

  • Some kids or teens the extra help. Even if it's 15 minutes

  • Our school day is 7 hours long with a 30 minute lunch, 35 minutes for homeroom in the middle of the day, and 45 minutes a class period. I think it should be about 9 hours long, from 7:30 to 5:30 with a 30 min lunch, 15 min homeroom, 5 minute passing periods. and 65 minute classes. This would allow more time for help and for teachers to get in enough material. This would increase attention spans and get students ready for work. It shouldn't be longer for elementary though, too much stress.

  • No way! Children need mental breaks. In fact, we should shorten school days.

  • The school days are way too long and we need a break.

  • Actually, difference countries have difference specific school days requirements. Relatively speaking, your school days might be shorter than that of my school, so that might make you demand for a longer school day. I think that MY school day is unneccessary to be longer, because if that's the case, lessons would be slightly longer and students would have to digest more information conferred by their teachers per lesson. It would make the whole thing more difficult for students to bear. Also, students would find longer school days not as fun. They would rather anticipate to get home as soon as possible and give up learning through the entire lecture. So, it would be more of a "torture" if school days were to be longer.

  • The schools should close forever so what no education we are better with out it

  • Kids NEED breaks and time to do activities that they enjoy! They already feel stressed about school, They don't need it to be longer! School is idiotic and wastes enough time already, Don't make it longer! I swear you can try to make it longer and I bet more students will start skipping classes more often. Kids won't remember most or possibly any of it anyway so why condemn them to a longer horrid sentence? If school is longer then this is also time they could be spending with family and friends rather than in school and hating their life feeling dead inside. Don't ruin their lives more, If they actually enjoy school then they can go ahead and stay longer/learn online but most often than not schools actually kill their curiosity.

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