Should Schools Have Mandatory Classes?

Posted by: doneonje

Most schools in the U. S. A. Require core classes such as math, English, History, Science, PE, And/or 1-3 fine arts electives. Should schools change this?

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Every class in high school should be optional.

I'm going in the career path of a biologist. The classes I need are math and science, So why do I need to take art. I get that if I don't like my job I can't change to another one because I'll be uneducated in that field, But that's why I have band ... as an alternate career path. Why should I be forced to take another elective? What is the point of history class past 8th grade. We learn nothing important. I will most likely never travel outside of the US, So why am I learning that there are 2 different ways of practicing Buddhism? Why am I not learning how to do my taxes, How to mortgage a house, Or how to take out a loan   more
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Yes! Yes! Yes!

Kids do not know what is always best for them, So certain classes should be mandatory. Classes like ethics, Critical thinking, And finance are courses that would teach life long lessons that are necessary for a successful life. Rather than focusing ... on learning a foreign language that most kids will never seriously use outside of high school, Life-long investment courses like the three previously mentioned should be mandatory for all students   more
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