Should schools switch to the year-round schedule?

Posted by: desormej04

Poll closed on 6/8/2017 at 1:40PM.
  • Yes!

  • No.

38% 6 votes
62% 10 votes
  • Year round school is beneficial to not only the student, but also the staff.

  • not only would it help the kids but teacherswouldn't have to go a whole season with no workand no paycheck

  • It spreads out breaks more evenly and makes it easier on the teachers because every year in September they have to review stuff with their students.

    Posted by: Yaysdf
  • Kids already hate school and both students and teachers look forward to summer vacation if we go year round schools they'll hate it even more.

  • This increases child stress. Why does Finland have a great education ranking? Because they do not have a year-round schedule, they do a tiny amount of work and lots of music and other things.

  • It would probably increase productivity, but it would make scholl a lot less enjoyable.

  • I do not think that young children can focus in all year round environments. School is already consuming our lives why make it happen more.

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dswitzer says2017-06-01T11:31:55.4357801Z
If kids are getting ready for the real world, what type of work gets 1/2 half of the year off? They need to be educated more and pushed harder then they are, students need to be taught in a way the individual can strife not fail like it is today. If they are taught on certain aspects on how they learn they will are be willing to improve themselves drastically. Everyone learns differently and this needs to be shown how the student accepts new information, by going to school year round will make it happen.
Bluepaintcan123 says2017-06-15T23:29:35.0914503Z
Quality over quantity. In the US, at least, having longer school years will not help anyone. How about you actually FIX THE SYSTEM before extending the length of the year? Why is it that no one considers that?
toypup says2017-10-05T04:54:08.1074244Z
I have had children on year-round and traditional schedules. I can tell you year-round (3 months on, 1 month off) is the absolute best. The children never get bored of school and they never get bored of home. They don't need reteaching when they return because the breaks are not too long, and we get to vacation on the off season. When year-round ended for us, I was very sad to see it go. We are on the traditional schedule now, have been for a couple of years. I'm still sad.
Arganger says2017-10-05T13:02:10.8602408Z
For some people that get a traumatic reaction to school (Which is more than you might think) a year long schedule means you never ever get to relax or recover.

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