Should students be able to choose their classes?

Posted by: Annelisejames01

Should students be able to choose the subjects that they want to learn or would that affect their future negatively

  • Yes

  • No

89% 40 votes
11% 5 votes
  • To a certain extent, yes.

  • students can choose classes they want and think will suit them instead of classes they are forced to go to that they dont want

  • i say we should choose our classes cause there is some things that some people that are good at some things, and some people have flat feet like me and it is hard cause i would always come home with sore feet.

  • Students should be able to choose engaging classes that interest them, but they should be along with the core subjects (English, science, Math, and social studies).

  • They should get 1 or 2 yrs to try each subject and then pick Less disruptive behaviour if they get to do what they want

    Posted by: dcn
  • I believe that there should be core classes but some elective courses as well, I know that is how my school functions.

  • I believe that students are only bored about school because they are forced to sit through hours of topics they aren't passionate about. If students have a voice as to what they enjoy learning, we should let them express it.

  • I believe that, while it's necessary for a student to take academic subjects such as English, History and a certain amount of science, a student should also have the option of choosing his/her classes, as well, such as what type of history, science, and even having the options of taking arts, crafts, or even industrial arts, or draughting, etc.

    Posted by: mplo
  • We already can to some extent, but the more the better.

    Posted by: ozu
  • They would be happy to learn and come to school and they would be feeding their curiosity rather than feeling dead inside and bored. They would be able to study their passions and actually enjoy themselves and express themselves through some of those passions. At the very least let high school students choose ALL of their classes, Not just a few.

  • I believe that forming a good foundation in younger years up until the ages of 14-16 is vital. To achieve this, students should take part in a full range of lessons, even if they would not decide to study them in the future. The fact is that a 14 year old, however smart they may be, can never know for sure what they'd enjoy in a few years time. An example of this in my life would be History, i chose to drop history when I was 14, and subsequently pick it up again when I was 16, only to discover that I had missed out on an entire curriculum of education! I entirely agree that students should be able to choose their subjects in the older years, but in order to build the necessary foundations they shouldn't have to make such a big decision early on.

  • Well, I think it would be a good thing that we would be able to choose our own classes, but there would be some troublesome issues with this. Let me give an example of an issue. As we all know, about all of us want to have good jobs in the future. Let's take for example Medicine(I'm talking about high school n stuff). Many students want to grow up and become doctors nowadays and there aren't that many seats available. Imagine if everyone only chose the classes that would lead to medicine and health. What would happen to other classes. They would literally be empty! Plus, for people who don't know what to do in the future, having different classes could show them different possibilities for their future.

  • Kids going to classes they wish to go to? Honestly, I would love to have this power. But would the teachers? Most kids would just pick the class that their friends are in. Instead of learning kids will be talking. Therefore, allowing kids to choose their own classes is a terrible idea.

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